Life Without Money? Life With One Worldwide Currency? My Thoughts (Aus)

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Personal WritingIs Money The Key?Why do we always require money? We always want money. We always need money. What would life be like without money? Would the world be a better place? Would there be no poverty?Living in a house with a mother and sister I always hear about the many ways they waste money. They buy endless amounts of clothes mostly, but a whole range of other items. I don’t have much interest in spending my money. But unfortunately I don’t have any interest in making money either. The only times I shop are when it’s my birthday or Christmas. But if there were no money, maybe we wouldn’t be financially struggling.With out money anyone could freely trade anything. That has advantages and disadvantages and is not as good as it sounds. The problem is anyone could take anything at anytime, leaving other people with nothing to give or take. This is why money was created. Of course the government could create laws to limit what you could take in the way of food, clothes etc. But more laws aren’t what we all need. That would just be another currency.On another subject, would no currency solve family issues?No. It wouldn’t help when we fight. It wouldn’t help when we don’t fight. All it would do is create more laws and more lawbreakers. While, in my eyes, the government is corrupt enough now. It could get considerably worse.If someone would create one currency for the whole world it would provide equal opportunity for every country because of no comparisons against other countries. This...

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