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What would it be like to live in a world where we didn’t communicate with each other? Just imagine walking down the road, never talking to another person that you see. There would be no road signs to tell you which way to go. The efforts to build the roads in fact, would be impossible without hundreds of people combining their efforts to achieve one common goal. In order to for all people involved to understand what the goal may be, there must be a common platform of communication that can be used by one person, and interpreted by others. Whether we are reading a book or an article, checking our news feeds on Facebook, or looking at a road sign, we can all decode what the language is telling us. In my early childhood, My grandmother read me the newspaper everyday. I would babble along as if I was the one telling the story. I understood quickly that she was simply looking at the symbols and somehow deciphering them into the smooth sentences that she spoke. I became obsessed with unravelling the mystery reading for myself.
As early as I can remember I was honing my skills, always looking for the next excuse to learn a bigger word, to communicate a bigger idea. I started by learning how to make the symbols. My hand writing was sloppy, (It still is) my Grandma would make jokes about how I have doctor hand writing. But she was absolutely essential to my learning. I began kindergarten one year before I should have been eligible, due to my advanced abilities considering how young I was. In that time, a show about puppets called, “The Letter People” became one of my obsessions. Around the same time, our class was introduced to a spelling list. A group of words that we must learn to spell and define? This was exactly the type of knowledge I was after. I quickly moved ahead of my peers. In first grade, I moved through work so fast that I would be given another sheet to work on. By the time I was finished with first grade, I had completed second grade as well without even knowing! I was able to skip straight ahead to third grade after this. I remember how proud my parents were, and frightened I was too be younger than everyone else.
Grade school passed without much more incident. There was still a thirst for knowledge that I enjoyed nourishing. Unfortunately, as I became older, new elements of the public school life would be brought to light. There become a certain, 'awkwardness' when it came to being the best. All of a sudden, being the best at spelling, or being the fastest reader became a source of annoyance for other people. I was still so hungry for knowledge, but school didn’t seem like a place where I could pursue it comfortably. I struggled through until High school, that is where everything began to change. It felt amazing to be enjoying school again. Do you remember the feeling of being a freshman in high school? This was...

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