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Ways In Which Lifelong Learning Can Contribute Towards The New Global Culture And New Knowledge Society

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In this essay, ways in which lifelong learning can contribute towards the new global culture and new knowledge society, facts about lifelong learning and how the educator deals with the learners will be discussed.
What is learning?
Learning is defined as obtaining a new ability or knowledge. For example: leaning to ride a bike, learning to walk, learning a new language, and so on.
What is lifelong learning?
According to the English dictionary, lifelong learning is the “use of both formal and informal learning opportunities throughout people's lives in order to foster the continuous development and improvement of the knowledge and skills needed for employment and personal fulfilment.”
This means that lifelong learning is the progressing growth of knowledge and abilities that many people undergo after proper schooling and throughout their lives.
We learn by taking classes, by talking to other people (word of mouth), by watching a movie or by experiencing it firsthand.
Lifelong learners believe that a positive attitude is everything, never say never and that there’s always time no matter the age. They also need to have confidence in themselves in order to succeed.
Dealing with non-participating learners:
Class participation is a very important characteristic of the evaluation part of the curriculum. Class participation allows the educator to get an understanding of the skill level of each learner, as well as how each learner can learn even further. For some students, participation can be very difficult due to certain restrictions such as shyness or speech impediments.
Ways to get non-participating learners to participate would be to have a smaller group discussion, allowing the learners to have the opportunity to speak up in the groups, which cancels out the possibility of speaking up in big classes. The lecturer needs to be wary of small groups, because some learners will attempt to dictate the discussions. The lecturer can remedy this by walking around the class and asking those who are not participating in their groups what they think about the discussion.
Some learners do not participate mainly because the course does not interest them at all. This can be remedied by the lecturer putting a creative spin on the course that will grab the learner’s attention and get them to participate.
Another way to get non-participating learners to participate would be to create online discussions, allowing the learners who are shy, or those who are more capable of expressing their opinions through writing, to convey their ideas on the discussion.
One other way to get non-participating learners to participate would be to present them with collaborative activities that require all learners to participate. The learners can give out answers to the questions the lecturer has asked and then the lecturer would help the learners work through them.
Dealing with disruptive behaviour in the classroom:
Disruptive behaviour can be defined as a disorderly...

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