Lifespan Development And Personality Paper

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Running head: LIFESPAN DEVELOPMENT AND PERSONALITY PAPERLifespan Development and Personality PaperJocelyn F. OatmanUniversity of PhoenixIntroduction to PsychologyPSY 103Michelle WilliamsOctober 22, 2008Lifespan Development and Personality PaperDevelopment does not end with adolescence. Adults, too, go through modifications and experience physical, cognitive, and social changes. Adulthood has been suggested that emerges as early as 18, but for our purposes, adulthood can be divided into three periods: early adulthood (ages 20 to 39), middle adulthood (ages 40 to 65), and late adulthood (beyond age 65).In young maturity, bodily development continues. Shoulder length, tallness, and chest range increase, and individuals continue to expand their physical capabilities. Through their mid-thirties practically everybody demonstrates some hearing injury, but for the majority of people, the years of young adulthood are the best part of life.In the heart of adulthood, additional physical modifications slowly appear. The most familiar of those affect the extra loss of sensory sharpness. Individuals become more responsive to light, more precise at distinguishing dissimilarities in distance, and more slowly and less able at considering factors. At age 40, escalated farsightedness is usual, and glasses may be essential to rectify for it. In their late '40s or early '50s, women usually experience menopause, the shutdown of reproductive capacity. Estrogen and progesterone levels decline, and the menstrual cycle finally stops.Most individuals are well into delayed adulthood before their physical functions illustrateperceptible destruction. Nevertheless, within the body, bone mass is deteriorating, and the chance of heart disease is expanding. Male get smaller about an inch in height, and female about two inches, as their stance transforms and cartilage disks between the spinal column become thinner. Older adults tend to go to sleep earlier, but may find it harder to sleep through the night without awakening to use the bathroom. Coagulating of the heart vessels and an increase of fat buildups on the artery walls may lead to heart disorder. The digestive system decelerates and becomes more proficient. Both digestive disorders and heart disease sometimes result from problems of diet, too little fluid, too little fiber, too much fat and inactivity. Additionally, the brain shrinks during late adulthood. The few reflexes that remained after infancy, such as the knee-jerk reflex, weaken or disappear. The flow of blood to the brain slows. As in earlier years, many of these changes can be delayed or diminished by a healthy diet and exercise.Regardless of the maturing of the brain, cognition experiences diminutive change for the inferior until delayed adulthood. Previously that time, vigilant older individuals may function as well as aware younger people. In reality, elders may perform even improved than...

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