Lifespan Development In Late Adults Essay

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During late adulthood, which begins around 65, many changes will take place. Death, sickness, and aging are some of the things you go through. Everyone is affected at some point. Individuals deal with these changes differently. Gerontology is the science that deals with the aging process. Vision can show impairment as people age. One of the changes in vision is the loss of accommodation of the lens. Most people 65 and older have hardened eye lens and have lost elasticity if the lens. Cataracts can form and vision becomes cloudy and is significantly impaired. Glaucoma is a serious condition that causes pressure to increase within the eye and it can result in blindness. Often hearing decreases with age. The hair cells in the Corti (inner ear) can cause a decrease in hearing frequencies. The ossicles and eardrum have a decrease in the transmittance of mechanical sound waves. Due to aging many elderly people have hearing impairment. Loss of appetite from connective tissue cells replacing taste buds. Skin can become thin, dry, and inelastic as it ages and the skin can fold and wrinkle from sagging.
Heredity plays a prominent part in health and longevity. A person cannot change heredity, but much can be done to strengthen the body's resistance and ward off disease. There include nutrition, plenty of rest, regular exercise, and social supports wards of disease and also increases longevity. In fact, diets high in calcium can promote better digestion, as well as leading to higher vitality and better growth that delays the onset of old age. For most, as people age, they tend to exercise less and their metabolism becomes slower. As people age, proper weight control is also necessary. As well, rest is as important as proper nutrition and exercise even at frequent intervals. Substances, such as tobacco and alcohol ingested, also can interfere with the health of a person as she or he ages. Other positive factors are optimism and a cheerful attitude in life that helps to keep the body healthy especially the heart and blood vessels.
Active aging demands good mental health (WHO). Unfortunately, brain tissue has little or no the power to regenerate or repair cells, which makes changes in function irreversible. As we age, the speed of communication between and within nervous tissues is decreased (NLM, 2006). Being true for most people, they experience some deterioration of mental function with age, but most often not to the extent of compromising daily activities.
Concerning memory, research suggests that the normal mental aging might occur in memory, including the areas of visual and verbal memory, visuospatial abilities, immediate memory, the ability to name objects, reduced reflexes with problems in movement and safety and a slight slowing of thinking. However, as we age, people have the ability to learn continues throughout life, although increased time might be necessary to learn new information, and therefore avoidance of learning...

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