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Life Style Factors Essay

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In investigating changes in my lifestyle factors, I observe strong interactions between dietary habits, mental attitude, various relationships, and physical activity which are supportive of my health. When balancing these factors, I look to my dietary habits as fundamental. By knowing the effects food has, I am able to make choices in challenging situations which allow me to keep elevated energy, keep focused throughout the day, and have a positive mental attitude to aid me in responding to relationships in a positive way.

The integration of a nutrient-dense whole food diet has assisted me in having a positive mental attitude during challenging situations. In stressful or uncomfortable ...view middle of the document...

I decided my best course of action was to remove myself from the havoc they left in their wake. As a result of overcoming these toxic relationships, my husband and my relationship continues to grow and I have the ability to focus my energy in positive and supportive areas. After letting the dust settle a bit, I now included them in my life again, but I don’t let their crises encroach on my life. Due to these harmful family relationships, I turn to my social relationships for the support I lack. I have few, but very meaningful social relationships. I limit these relationships to those with similar viewpoints and supportive. With each relationship being supportive and genuine, these social relationships have taken the place of the family members that are disruptive to me.

As countless others, I have had supportive work relationships along with some diminishing relationships. In my last role, I let a damaging relationship effect my over all mental attitude and was left miserable daily. With the support of my husband, I was able to make the decision to remove myself from the situation and become self employed. With this flexibility, I have selected several clients on a part-time basis which lends me the ability to remove myself easily when I become overwhelmed. In allowing...

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