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Malaysia is a unique country because it is a multiracial country. Malays, Chinese, Indian and other ethnic group are consisting in Malaysia. Due to multiracial country, it contains many types in religion, cultures, and food. Although the citizens are different races, they still can tolerate and peace with each other. However, the United Kingdom is a western country. That also has diverse racial, which are white people and black people. Most of the people in the UK are Christian so Christmas is their most important festival. Malaysia and UK are two very different countries, through different womb environment would bring up different lifestyle. Lifestyle is a way of life or style of living that reflects in attitudes and values of a person. The lifestyle of people can divide into three parts are most relevance, which include personal and family, work, and entertainment. Family is most important part of most of the people; we are sharing the experience and memories with them. Work takes a key part because most of the people would spend about eight hours in their daily day. Entertainment also would take the leisure time of people. If lack any packs in our life would become incomplete. Therefore, we interview a lecture came from the UK to more understand the lifestyle in Malaysia verses UK. Mr Steven is a Britain from UK and working in Malaysia now. Mr Steven's wife is a Malaysian so he follows his wife come to Malaysia. Mr Steven is staying nearby Foon Yew Alumni Association, the Jalan Geronggang in Taman Melodies. From his home to his work place, (Southern University College) distance is about 15km. He is being always driven car for working at Southern University College.


Mr Steven has told us lifestyle in Malaysia quite different with lifestyle in UK. In there, he is spending more time stays with his family emulate with his home country. Most of the time, he would stay at home together with his family. While he is having leisure time he usually do indoor activities such as watching TV, reading, using the internet and doing his working such as remark assignment and test paper.
Moreover, working environment is different between Malaysia and UK. Working in the UK, people more concern on time. People generally follow the clock-based schedule for daily work activities. When you make the appointment for a certain time you must be there cannot be late. Compare with work in Malaysia not very concern in clock-based schedule and the pace of life is slower. However, the interview we know that working environment in Malaysia is quite different to the UK. Mr Steven back to UK also is profession work in industrial not teaching. Before teaching, he has also done profession work in an industrial...

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