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Light And Photosynthesis Essay

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For my one research task project I have decided to see if light is necessary for photosynthesis to take place in green plants. I choose this topic because I wanted to see if light necessary for photosynthesis is really. It is also a very interesting topic because most living things need light to function, survive and grow. Photosynthesis is the physic-chemical process by which green plants use light energy to photosynthesis. When Photosynthesis occurs it takes in the co2 from the atmosphere and releases oxygen as a bi product. In addition the plants provide energy for humans.
For a start I’ll de-starch both my plants by placing them both in a dark cupboard for a minimum of twenty four hours and then test for any starch and take down my findings. I would then place one of my plants out in the sun for a minimum of eight hours. After the eight hours of sun light I will then test another leaf for starch using iodine solution. If the leaf goes dark blue to black there is starch present and if the leaf goes brown, no glucose has formed meaning no photosynthesis has taken place in the leaf.

Review of literature
Plants rely on light energy for photosynthesis to occur. Light is converted to chemical energy, which is then stored as a sugar bond in the plant. Besides the light energy the plant also requires water and carbon dioxide help photosynthesis to be possible.
The amount of sunlight that the plant requires depends on the type of plant. There are many types of plants. Some plants need direct sunlight, while others survive very well when they are left in shady areas. You need to know the type of plant to know how much sun it will require.
Plants need photosynthesis because it is what allows the plant to make food for its growth. This reaction takes place in the chloroplasts of the plant and it uses light energy, carbon dioxide and water. The end product after photosynthesis is oxygen and glucose, which are vital energy sources for the plant. Photosynthesis is a vital process for the plants survival. Plants derive their energy from photosynthesis. When seeds germinate, the young plant uses all the energy that was produced by the seed. After the process of photosynthesis has taken place, the plant must begin producing its own energy using the light energy provided.
Photosynthesis is a process that plants use to convert light energy from the sun into chemical energy that can be released to fuel the activities that take place in the plant. This chemical energy in the plant is stored in carbohydrate molecules such as sugars. Photosynthesis comes from the Greek, term "light". Oxygen is also released as a waste product or in other words the plants bi products. Most plants perform photosynthesis daily. These organisms are known as photoautotrophs....

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