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Light Blue Advertisement Analysis South Dakota State English 101 Essay

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Light Blue
Blue can be associated with confidence and stability. Advertisements are everywhere in today’s society. Companies want you to feel confident in purchasing their product. It has become common today to see an ad and only see the explicit message yes, they are selling a product, but they are also selling an implicit message as well. Although the ad never says so directly, Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue is implying you will have wealth, women, and be more confident when you buy their product.
In the advertisement, a man and a woman are on a boat. The two are on out on the ocean, with an extravagant cliff in the background. Both of which are staring into the camera confidently with the same shade of light blue eyes. Ironically enough, the sky is the same shade of blue and the ocean is a darker shade of blue. The man in the ad is muscular and has a swagger about him as if he knows he has this woman wrapped around his finger. He gives off the sense that the female is attracted to him and has come onto him without even trying. The woman on the other hand, also has a suave demeanor about her. You get the sense the woman is depending on him because she is leaning over on him. Dolce and Gabbana positioned and scaled the font at the top so we as the audience see it and also see light blue. Light blue is significant because it is in cursive and this just adds to the element of prosperity and sophistication to the ad. This placing of the the font causes the viewer to almost automatically see the two people in the picture and the cliff in the background. The fact that they are on a boat in the ocean also implicates wealth and further pushes the idea. As a result, the viewer gets a sense of confidence and wealth.
Along the same lines, language often plays a key part in the delivery of an advertisement. The lack of words in this ad is significant. In this case, the name Dolce and Gabbana is so well recognized it sells itself. Kilbourne states,“ Advertising sells a great deal more than products. It sells values, images, and concepts of love and sexuality, romance, success, and, perhaps most important, normalcy. To a great extent, it tells us who we are and who we should be. We are increasingly using brand names to create our identities. James Twitchell argues that the label of our shirt, the make our car, and our favorite laundry detergent are filling the vacuum once occupied by religion, education, and our family name”(101). This illustrates a growing sense of power in the role ads and brands play in our everyday lives and the effects it has on our decision making when buying products without even considering it. It also demonstrates the message Dolce and Gabbana is trying to sell: the lifestyle that comes with wealth and attractiveness. Light blue is the only thing verbalized by the ad. Once again reiterating the theme of blue. In all, what isn’t said in the ad was more powerful than what is said.
The audience of an ad may be the most...

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