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Light, The Primary Source Of Energy In Photosynthesis

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Light has a wave nature and particle nature. The smallest parts or units of light are called photons and the amount of photons absorbed per unit time determines the brightness of light. Wavelengths are a certain amount of energy each photon possesses as they vibrate. Chlorophyll reflects the wavelengths green part of the light spectrum because it is green and the plants that contain chlorophyll are green as well.
This article may not be reliable because there was no date or author noted. This article clearly examines in what form light is absorbed and the process thereof.
Article 2:
Photosynthesis converts light/radiant energy to chemical potential energy. The raw materials needed for this ...view middle of the document...

They did not need to develop more effective ways of absorbing light as there was plenty available.
This article my not be very reliable as there was no date present on the website so we do not know when last this article was updated and whether it is flawed in the information given. This article clearly states that photosynthesis would not occur if it weren’t for the absorption of light and no products such as glucose and starch would be formed either. It also tells us that the green plants that contain chlorophyll are designed for light absorption clearly emphasizing that light is a very important factor.
Article 4:
Light is the primary source of energy in photosynthesis is therefore called a “light reaction”. Light initiates the function of the chlorophyll and allows for the splitting of the water molecules and produces oxygen as a bi-product.
This article is reliable to an extent as no date has been stated on the webpage about when this article was last updated showing that there might be errors. The above article also explains that photosynthesis is known as a light reaction showing again that light is a crucial factor in this process.
Article 5:
Oxygen is given off after the splitting of the water molecules which...

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