Lighthouse Trouble Essay

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Christiana Wildwood was laying down and was finishing her last touches on her artwork. She wanted not only to win a lot of trophies in  art but also to have her own studio. Then, raise money for kids who didn't have enough money to take art classes. Christina had a chance to enter into her school's art competition, The Lighthouse Talent Show. The Lighthouse Talent Show was hosted by the Hugger Krater Art School. The talent show had enough money for the winner to have their studio. This wasn't the end of talent show award. The winner's artwork would be sent to Chicago University and be entered into the National Visual Art Competition. If Christiana won the talent show, she would have her own studio and would have a chance to go to Nationals. Paige Ocean, A student at Hugger Krater School, had also heard this event. Paige also wanted to have her own studio to continue her carrier in art. However, Paige had a different dream than Christiana. Paige had wanted to study art and have her work in exhibitions. These two girls were rivals and were hoping to win this exciting event.

Christiana had been pondering in her room thinking about ideas for the Lighthouse Talent Show when her phone started buzzing. A message from Paige was sent a couple of seconds ago.The text read, "Don't even sign up for the talent show because I am going to win." Christina dropped her phone and started panicking. Christina felt a drop of sweat run down her back. Christiana had done nothing to Paige except winning more competitions than her. Christina and Paige had not been friends since they have been in fourth grade. They both were outstanding in art and have been in many art shows. If either of them won the talent show they would become well known at the Hugger Krater School.  All of there friends would know that one of them would have a studio by the end of the talent show.

Christina had not replied to her text message and I was relieved. I did not want Christiana to enter into the competition because I knew I was going to lose. I wanted to win the talent show, but I knew that Christiana would win. I had to confess she was just a better artist than I was. I knew that Christiana was very sensitive. I didn't want to talk to Christina in person, so I could just texted her. I had a lightbulb moment. This wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. I started to think of ideas that would help me win the talent show. 

The alarm went off "BRING!" I woke up on remembered it was a Monday. I had to got to school for two more weeks until Christmas break. I would have to face Paige Ocean telling me not to compete in the talent show. I looked at the clock. It read 7:45. I had fifteen minutes to get ready and get to the bus stop. I scrambled as I get a cereal bar out of the pantry. I was going to be late for my first period, English. I started to hurry down and run down to the bus stop. The bus had just left. I called my mom, who was dropping off my...

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