Social Media And Its Effect On Human Relations

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Since the birth of social media, people have become less productive in socially interacting with society. Social media websites such as: Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram are causing people to rely on these sites. People must remember to limit themselves because soon their profile can become fraud if someone else uses it to their advantage. Another reason can be that they can become social networking addicts, that their online life is their fantasy world. It can also result in them becoming “like” addicts, which is when they constantly need to check on their status and see how many “likes” they've received. Social media can change people's attitude and engage their lives to these social networking sites, also known as SNS. People should limit how long they spend social networking and embrace human connections.
In the article, “Social Media and Interpersonal Communication” by Paul Booth, an assistant of media and cinema studies, explains, “We'd rather e-mail than meet; we'd rather text than talk on the phone” (Keller 10). Paul Booth has a point; in this generation technology has taken over the way everyone communicates. Rapid messages, keep people up to date: E-mailing, texting, blogging, chatting are the fastest ways to get messages across, but they may not be very efficient and can be misinterpreted. There is no close connection, and there is not enough trust with one another. Booth states, “So while we are communicating more, we may not necessarily be building relationships as strongly” (Keller 10). Although there is communication with one another with these techniques, there is no assurance that the relationship will last, since social media are changing the world.
Social networking sites (SNS) are changing everyone’s lives because people have the tendency to draw attention to them by posting their actions publicly on social websites. For example, in the article, “Addictions and Substance Abuse,” Joseph C. Viola explains, “Twitter has become a global vehicle through which people collect, report, and share the news of the moment” (1). These social media users let their 'followers' or 'friends' know what's going on, what's new, or what is happening at that specific time. They are showing off their lives and activities. Also, with this new technology, Joseph describes, “Communicating... becomes easier and more immediate” (Viola 1). Communication is demanded in social networking rather than face-to-face because it is an easy click away, which is making people lazier. They allow texting to rest on the palm of their hands, and rapid finger movements, to get an instant message across. As soon as they are done with their entertainment they must remember that there are identity frauds, so they have to log out or sign out of their profile.
In social media there are many ways to access other people's profiles, and some of these profiles may be frauds. In the article, “How Social Media Networks Facilitate Identity Theft and Fraud,” Kent Lewis...

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