Like A Stone Throw Into A Pond

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Like a Stone Thrown into a Pond

The tall man stood like a pillar at the edge of the room. His face was young in contrast to the grief of long age that marred it. Smooth sandy blond hair fell across his wrinkled brow. Eyes like a fine blue sky let loose a torrential shower of salty tears that flowed over his fine lashes. Droplets rolled down his taught cheeks onto his quivering lips. His strong jaw was clenched shut; the muscles ached as he tried to contain the immense grief that welled up from his noble soul. Like a stone thrown into a pond, the reflection of his life was disturbed, wild and unpredictable. Despite his pain he held his head high. His powerful arms clasped a young boy to his ...view middle of the document...

His eyes grew evermore clouded with the grief of old men. Hope and despair wrestled in the very depths of his spirit and all the while hopeful disbelief formed again, and again, in the reservoir of his thoughts only to be swept away by the ripples of a stone thrown into the water. Just seven short days ago he’d clasped her hand throughout the birth of their second handsome son; cooed around the tiny bundle that they had created, celebrating his charm in the way unique to parents. Now she lay in a desperate struggle, battling to breath past the pneumonia that had flooded her lungs. Inevitably it came, an unending shrill tone that signaled her fall into God’s heavenly embrace.

Every shadow of earth gathered around the solitary man. A pain that no one can express shuddered through his entire being. It attacked his body and burned every fiber, every sinew, like molten glass thrust into millions of infinitesimal wounds. His face was contorted into a savage snarl of anguish as that one thing that was everything to him was ripped from his grasp. Every hope and dream crashed and burned around him. He stood alone in a flat black wasteland; the earth beneath his feet was cracked ash picked up by a vicious wind stung his skin and drove him to his knees at the edge of a stagnant pool. Colossal sobs racked his body and great lumps of sorrow stuck in his throat choking him with heartache. Hail fell from the barren sky striking his body and the water...

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