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It was only a few days before graduation; things could not get any worse. I drudged into my counselor’s office. “You know why you’re here right?” I knew in the back of my head there could only be one reason why I was in the counselor’s office a few days before graduation. The words “kind of” came out of my mouth like a quick breath. “You need half a credit to walk this Saturday” it felt like there was a 50 pound weight in my gut as soon as I heard those words. My eyes drooped to the ground. I shook my head and sighed “What can I do to get that half-credit?” She smiled reassuringly “Don’t worry Derik I worked out a deal with your Physics teacher Mrs. Denis. Go back to class and she’ll tell you what you need to do.”
I gazed up and thought “God whatever your plan here is I sure hope it works”. I walked out into the commons and dragged myself to class. The stairs seemed like an insurmountable mountain to me as I tried my best not to give into any pessimistic thoughts. Knowing there was a chance I wouldn’t graduate on time made me feel like a failure. How could I have screwed up this badly? All I had to do was get 8/10 points on the section I was failing on the stupid Algebra final, and I got 7/10. It didn’t make sense, I was more confident than Jerry West after I took that test. My lemon-yellow pencil was an extension of my mind and it had all the correct answers. But apparently it didn’t. A simple absent-minded mistake: I forgot to simplify one stupid little fraction. I was furious, how could something so inconsequential be the ruin of my entire future? I had not only failed myself, but I failed my family. I failed my mother and father who came to the USA to find a better standard of living, and so their children could have a chance at success. I was the smart one in the family, how could I be so close to not graduating?...

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