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Can a handsome and well-behaved fellow be someone or something that he is not? The audience is not shown Norman Bate’s mother directly, but because of the dialogue, the composition, and the props of the stuffed birds, we come up with the conclusion that Norman Bates is actually his murderous mother and more boyish than manly which contrasts with Marion’s personality in the scene where Marion eats dinner with Norman in the parlor.
The dialogue featured in this scene helps us see Norman’s boyish nature. When Norman talks to Marion, he tends to nervously stutter on certain words like a child learning the alphabet for the first time. For example, when Norman mentions the phrase “eats like a bird,” he tries to say that it is a falsity, but he has trouble pronouncing it. The viewer can the see the child-like determination and frustration on his face to pronounce it correctly. In a way, you can say that Norman is trying hard to impress Marion with intelligent words, but he is failing terribly at it. In addition, the word falsity is defined as a fact of being untrue or incorrect. This is ironic because Norman himself is a falsity. Norman is not normal. He has two personalities, which include him and his mother’s personality and by the end of the movie, he fully transforms into his mother. Having two personalities makes Norman a completely different person. His supposed masculinity figure is downgraded into a boyish appearance because of his mother’s influence on him especially when Norman mentions, “a boy’s best friend is his mother” when Marion asks him “if he has any friends?” This in fact reveals that Norman is definitely not your normal manly figure and that he is actually a momma’s boy. Norman’s response causes him to appear shy and socially awkward. In addition, Norman appears desperately in need of attention and companionship when he asks Marion “if she can stay a bit longer to talk. Norman’s response is quite similar to how a child would act when the playmate is about to go home. Norman also has a tendency to apologize when he feels like he invaded Marion’s privacy by asking private questions. This is highly relatable to how a parent would teach their children not to ask an adult a personal question about their life. For example, when I was younger, my mom taught me not to ask an adult about their age because it is rude and personal to the adult in question. In contrast, Norman’s response to Marion’s suggestion of putting Norman’s mother in “some place,” brings out his mother’s ferocious personality. The rage in the tone of his voice during this brief moment causes Marion to have a feeling of discomfort because a bitter old woman unknowingly replaces the nice and well-mannered boy she first met for a brief moment. This is the first glimpse and clues that the viewer can use to decode that Norman is an unsettling character from when we first saw him. Likewise, when Marion says, “thank you” to Norman, he quickly responses with “Thank you Norman”...

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