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Cell phone use has increased rapidly. People are not communicating in the same way most people did before texting. They may call, but rarely have face to face communication. The number of text messages is increasing. According to TIME magazine, in the article, “We Never Talk Anymore: The Problem with Text Messaging,” Kluger stated that from a Pew Institute survey in the year 2000, 14 billion text messages were sent monthly and in 2010 the numbers increased to 188 billion messages sent out monthly. Many will text and use social media to communicate with friends and family rather than talking in person. Communication via text is not good as communicating in person.
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If you get in an argument when talking face to face you will handle it much more different than through a message. Texting something that “means” a lot to you won’t have the same effect as if you were saying it to the person’s face. For instance, when you’re in a relationship and you want to break up with your partner then you text “it’s over”, first of all it’s a horrible way to end a relationship and second it neither shows the reason(s) nor emotions. It makes the person wonder if there ever were any feelings there because if you have the nerve to send an “it’s over” text then you can care less what the person will go through, and usually never ends on a good note. Texting a loved one is very different when speaking face to face; even a phone call doesn’t compare. The words are expressed differently.
Talking face to face you get to express yourself, not with emojis on your cell phone’s keyboard but with your actual face expressions the face expressions you make at the moment of finishing a sentence or when you hear something from that other individual. Some people text back with an “LOL” or a smiley face when they are doing neither. It also, allows you to see through that person whether or not they’re being truthful just with their expressions.
I text my friends and siblings but there’s nothing like talking to them in person. When I have to say something I just can’t text them or call, I have to see them in person and then I can speak. Perhaps it’s because we might have a lot to say that we rather not type it out but if you think about it it really isn’t because you’re just so used to the people you talk to and need to be in front of them so they can understand you better. Usually when talking in person I tend to act out or have hand movement and it really allows us to understand each other better than texting.
Texting can’t only shorten your interpersonal skills but put an end to them. Most importantly now, the individual texting can cause many accidents if texting while driving or can be in an accident for walking and texting, like many people are getting accustomed to doing. According to Pea, “The Pew Internet and American Life Project reported that 75% of 12-to 17-year-olds owned cell phones, with 87% of them texting and half of the texters (over one third of all 12-to-17 year-olds) sending 50 texts daily.” These could be the texts sent out while behind the wheel or just walking down the block, people who cause tragic accidents or get injured from walking and texting. In the article, “Your Life is Fully Mobile”, Nancy Gibbs writes how we have become attached to our mobile devices and pursue it more than our own wallet. Time partnered up with Qualcomm and launched the Time Mobility Poll which is a survey that demonstrates how wireless technology affects us. One question asked was which mobile feature affected the way we live our lives. Along with five other countries, the US is one of the countries who have the main mobile feature being...

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