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Like Water For Chocolate A Recipe For Resistance. A In Depth Analysis Of The 1992 Mexican Movie.

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With the release in 1992 of Like Water for Chocolate, El Mariachi, and Tie Me Up, Tie Me Down, Mexican cinema wasonce again gaining international acclaim. In this essay I will explore in detail the curiousMexican film, Like Water for Chocolate (Como Agua Para Chocolate). Like Water for Chocolate,upon first viewing, is likely to create a certain feeling of uneasiness in the viewer. Yet, itis doubtful that the viewer in this initial experience will notice the complex ofrelationships I describe herein. The analysis I describe is one arrived at after repeatedviewings, analysis, and research.Like Water for Chocolate does not lend itself well to linear analysis. To subject thefilm to a traditional, western analysis, or even to a strict close reading, would likelyprovide little insight. Like Water for Chocolate is not a linear film, it is more configural--narrative in structure. A close analysis only brings one back to larger overarchingstructures. On close inspection it appears quite ephemeral, it seems to dissolve away. Itis only by standing back and looking at the completed craftwork that one sees thepatterns. It is overtly simple. The metaphors are stock. It is merely a love story with amagical penchant. But concealed at its heart is a revolution, a breaking of oppression, aliberation of the spirit. Like Water for Chocolate is a tenuous nexus of narrative structures,sensuality, and metaphor. These shifting, seemingly insubstantial components, whencombined, create a work of substantial subversive strength.The film Like Water for Chocolate is based on the book Como Agua Para Chocolate byscreenwriter Laura Esquivel. The original 1989 novel was a bestseller in Mexico for twoyears before being released in the U.S. in 1992. The English version was translated byCarol Christensen and Thomas Christensen. That same year the film version wasreleased, with screenplay by Esquivel, and direction by her husband, Alfonso Arau.The film was distributed by Miramax, and is currently available from Touchstone HomeVideo. Despite being a foreign film, Like Water for Chocolate opened to very favorablereviews in the U.S.In this section I will survey the critical reviews of the film. The first category ofreviews are blurbs--and they are just that, extremely short notices about the film.These carry very little information and appear in almost every publication includingNew Republic, Maclean?s, New York, Playboy, and Variety. Only the notice in New Republicgave Like Water for Chocolate a poor review. Overall, when there has been a poor reviewit was based primarily on supposedly poor direction by Arau.The second category of reviews are journalistic, containing articles from:Hispanic, Nation, People Weekly, Americas, The Village Voice, The New Statesman in Society,The Times Literary Supplement, Films in Review, Review of Contemporary Fiction, Sight andSound, The Spectator, and Time. Moreover, each of these articles mentions the writer,Laura Esquivel and her husband, director...

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2165 words - 9 pages As the first major U.S. success for a Spanish language film, Como Agua Para Chocolate (Alfonso Arau, 1992) has had a major impact on Hispanic culture and the future of Hispanic cinema. This film has many implicit and explicit layers that challenge typical cultural ideals, not only in Hispanic culture, but in various cultures across the world. Based on his wife, Laura Esquivel’s novel, Arau used this film, known commonly as Like Water for

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1621 words - 6 pages “A hero is someone who understands the responsibility that comes with [their] freedom” (Dylan). However, though heroes face complications throughout their quest, in the end they often accomplish an important rask. In the book, Like Water for Chocolate, the main character, Tita shows a perfect example of a hero. Tita is in a continuous emotional quest throughout the entire story, but proves along the way she is indeed one who will not fail. Many

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1045 words - 4 pages The Significance of Fire in Like Water for Chocolate In the novel Like Water for Chocolate, by Laura Esquivel, fire is used as imagery to symbolize the release of strong, intense passion by the characters of the novel. Fire as well as coldness ( which is used to describe the absense of passion) influences the way that the reader views the characters, Mama Elena, Tita, Pedro, Rosaura and Gertrudis and illustrates the love, lust and emotion that

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2655 words - 11 pages Like Water For Chocolate by Laura Esquivel explains women’s roles in northern Mexico during the turn of the nineteenth century. The novel takes place in northern Mexico on a family ranch where many family traditions are carried out. Also, the novel describes some of the typical foods that were prepared and fiestas that were celebrated in the Mexican culture around this time. However, the novel mainly focuses on the roles of females in Mexican

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1036 words - 4 pages One of the main aspects in the novel Like Water for Chocolate is magical realism. The author, Laura Esquivel, uses it to show the main themes Like Water for Chocolate Commentary One of the main aspects in the novel Like Water for Chocolate is magical realism. The author, Laura Esquivel, uses it to show the main themes in the novel, such as the power of food, and passion. It exaggerates the important points in the story so that they

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565 words - 2 pages Like Water for Chocolate Tradition is often component that is inserted into performance with destiny. Blindly following tradition can lead to ones unfortunate destiny where as questioning your families passed down traditions determines the creation of your own destiny. Such a thought is presented in the novel “Like water for Chocolate”. Laura Esquivel, in the novel, “Like Water for Chocolate”, presents a vision of the 1920’s Mexican life

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888 words - 4 pages did and her husband directed them (Esquivel, Laura). In 1985 Esquivel wrote her successful film Chido One, and her husband directed it (Esquivel, Laura). Esquivel and her husband worked together on all the screenplays she wrote. The novel “Like Water for Chocolate” has 12 chapters, and each begin with a recipe that is put into the plot. The novel tells a romantic story of the characters Tita and Pedro. Even though they are in love, family

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1072 words - 4 pages installment features a recipe to begin each chapter. The structure of Like Water For Chocolate is wholly dependent on these recipes, as the main episodes of each chapter generally involve the preparation or consumption of the dishes that these recipes yield. The details of additional secondary recipes are woven throughout the narrative.Like Water For Chocolate tells the story of Tita De La Garza, the youngest daughter in a family living in Mexico