Like Birds, People Follow Their Own Migration Patterns

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All birds follow different migration patterns. Some fly north and south, some fly east and west, and very few fly overseas. Depending on the destination and the weather conditions, some birds fly up to 600 miles a day. Most people complain they have to drive the fifteen miles to work. Birds make the world around us seem small. However, once we leave home, we are forced to open our eyes to the new world in front of us. A world we may have chosen to move to or may not have. In the end, some people chose to move to pursue a better life and some leave home and migrate because of the ones they love, but no matter the circumstance, we all remember the place we once called home.
Robert Browning was an English poet and playwright born in Camberwell, England in the early nineteenth century, who moved to Italy with his wife when he was thirty-four years old. Browning wrote the short poem, “Home Thoughts, from Abroad”, a poem that captures the natural beauty of England. This romantic piece celebrates the breath taking nature that Browning remembers back in England. It has been said that the world is a small place, but to Robert Browning the world seems much larger when he is not home in England. Browning chose to leave England for his beloved wife and now looks back upon England remembering its aesthetic beauty in the spring. “At the bent spray’s edge - That’s the wise thrush; he sings each song twice over” (Browning 13-14) “And the whitethroat builds, and all the swallows – Hark! where my blossomed pear-tree in the hedge”(Browning 10-11) Robert Browning’s heart and soul have traveled to Italy with his cherished wife for her health, and although he truly misses the springtime of England, he chose to live in Italy for the wellness of his wife. In this poem, Browning mentions the thrush and the swallows, two different types of birds that migrate away from home, but return in the warmers months, something Browning wishes he could have done. However, he knows he cannot return to England because his heart is in Italy with his wife.
Like Browning, I too have moved away from my home but I can choose to return home whenever I please. Going off to college is a life changing experience and has opened the doors to a much larger world. No matter the distance whether it be two thousand miles or fifty miles, being away from home makes me think of all the little things I took for granted, just like Browning remembering the singing of the Swallows. But unlike Robert Browning who chose to remember his home of England for the natural beauties, I remember my home for the people who I left behind. While at school I can no longer, hop in the car with friends and go for a mini road trip whenever we please. I cannot have bon fires on any given Wednesday night, while listening to the waves crash down on the shore from a friend’s beach house. And the golden baked mac and cheese with slightly well done meat loaf is now considered a treat for when I go home. I can now consider...

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