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Lil Wayne: The Best Rapper Alive

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Music can rock your world, enlighten your mind and change your perspective. When you think of rap music who comes first to mind? Without hesitation, it must be the self acclaimed best rapper alive, Lil Wayne. He alone can make such statements as “My picture should be in the dictionary next to the definition of definition” (Wayne, “Shoot Me Down”). Lil Wayne is a prominent force in the rap world. His debut Album in 1999, Tha Block is Hot went double platinum upon its release and even his lowest selling album is still certified as gold according to the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). Rollingstone Magazine declares “Lil Wayne is one of the most popular — and prolific — recording artists in the world” (Kreps). Top this with eight Grammy nominations and four Grammy wins and it is definitely hard to argue with the rap star’s claims. Lil Wayne, with his simple beginnings, soon found his way to the top of the charts with his outstanding lyrics, unique vocals, and quick wit by shutting down all critics with his many gold and platinum albums and thus truly establishing himself as the best rapper alive.
Born quietly into poverty on September 27, 1982 in New Orleans, Louisiana, Lil Wayne entered this world with the given name of Dwayne Michael Carter, Jr. to his 19 year old mother, Jacita Carter. He was named after his father, Dwayne Michael Turner; however Turner was never part of the child’s life. Jacita began raising her son in Hollygrove, one of the poorest neighborhoods in New Orleans. She later became involved with Reginald “Rabbit” McDonald and he became her son’s stepfather. Rabbit moved the family to East New Orleans. Dwayne was a smart kid and had straight A’s in school. He liked rhyming and wrote his first rap at the young age of 8.
He soon found music to be his passion. Dwayne loved music and found it was one of his great talents and a great way to verbalize himself. After a friend introduced him to the owners of Cash Money Records, he pestered them by leaving rap songs on the owners’ answering machines until they finally would give him a chance. The owners, Bryan “Birdman” or “Baby” Williams and Ronald “Slim” Williams signed him to their record label when he was 12 going by the name of Gangsta D. The owners were impressed by his freestyle abilities. Birdman really liked the young Carter and took him under his wing so to speak and became his mentor. Many people mistakenly believe that Birdman is Lil Wayne’s father and they are additionally confused by the fact that Lil Wayne also refers to Birdman as his dad and pa, but there is actually no relation. The first album released with Cash Money Records was in 1995 when the producer, Mannie Fresh, teamed Dwayne with a 14 year old named B.G. The album was called True Story. In 1997 there was supposed to be a follow up album; however his mom tried to put a stop to his association with Cash Money Records after she noticed him wearing gang related clothes, but Dwayne ran away. He...

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