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Limestone Statue Of Aphrodite Holding Winged Eros

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This sculpture is made out of limestone. The statue stands at about forty-nine and three-fourths inches tall, which is a little over four feet tall. Aphrodite has an oval face. Also, Aphrodite is wearing a lot of drapery that covers her entire body and goes over her shoulders, which makes her look modest. Aphrodite is also wearing a long hat, or what it appears to look like a round crown, which is decorated with a flowery-patterned design, that goes from her head down to her shoulders. It also shows from the sculpture, that Aphrodite has long curls of her hair falling over her shoulders. I could not get a clear view of her nose or mouth, since those parts of the sculpture are cracked. Aphrodite's breasts are very small and she is skinny. She has the drapes from her right hand wrapped around her stomach over her left hand, in order to hold the winged object. I also saw that the drapery was big on her hand because the drapery hangs down from her right hand. The drapes from the right hand, until the bottom half of the statue, all have creased lines. In addition, part of her left hand is chopped off. By looking at the sculpture, a shadow is present, which it exposed from the drapery all around the statue of Aphrodite. I noticed that Aphrodite's lips are straight, her face is faced up to the audience and is slightly tilted to the left, and the rest of her body is positioned straight. The bottom half of Aphrodite's feet are not present. I also noticed that there was something or someone with wings on the upper left hand of Aphrodite. In correlation, Aphrodite appears to be holding this winged object with her left hand and balancing it with her right hand, due to the fact that her left hand is raised and as shown the winged object is being held by her right hand. A right hand is shown out of the winged object that is around the top of Aphrodite's left breast.Q1: Why is she wearing a rounded hat around her head?A1: The round hat is said to be full of "flowery designs" because she was the goddess of love, beauty, and fertility. Nevertheless, I believe that since flowers are beautiful looking and have a nice fragrance to them, it must be symbolizing Aphrodite being very beautiful and/or having a sweet fragrance.Q2: Why is the winged object with Aphrodite in the statue?A2: This winged object is known to be Aphrodite's son, Eros. The reason is because they both symbolize the same thing in ancient Greek times, of being the goddesses of love, and beauty.Q3: Why did the sculptor put the Eros on her left side, right next to Aphrodite's heart?A3: As shown one will conclude that she is only holding Eros at that side. However, I feel that Eros must have been a great importance to her. The reason is, due to the fact that the heart is a symbol of love; Aphrodite must have fully adored or loved Eros.Q4: Why did the sculptor choose to make Eros so small with wings compared to Aphrodite?A4: Some say that Eros had always been depicted as a "goddess of love" that looked...

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