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Limitation Effect People’s Life Essay

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Ama Ata Aidoo’s short story Certain Winds From The South starts with narrator’s explanation of the main character's condition, M'ma Asana. M’ma Asana explained by the narrator as a woman who has no capability of catching further issues happens in her life “...thinking this misting of her eyes was due to the chill in the air.” Knowing that something is wrong with her eyes, M’ma Asana didn’t choose the path to do further discover of her problem, she rather to let the issue, that related with her own body, to be forgotten.

The mist itself reflects a thing that covering M’ma Asana’s view and limits M’ma Asana to be unable to see her problems and her world clearly. While she realises that she ...view middle of the document...

The narrator here letting the reader only to be able to grope Hawa’s responses by focusing on M’ma Asana’s role. M’ma Asama limits Hawa words and action, she disallow Hawa to chase out Issa to south, just like M’ma Asana already knows how it will ends as how she thinks about her life “Show me a fresh corpse, my sister, so I can weep you old tears.”.

The limitation of M’ma Asana life is in herself who limits her own mind to be no more than what she is. The boundary of M’ma Asana life is inside her. Just like Charlene’s limitation to be more than what narrator told her to do in Loorie Moore’s short story, How to Be an Other Woman. The narrator controls Charlene’s action regarding her meeting with her soon-to-be lovers, the system analyst. Charlene’s movements and dress even being limited by the narrator, Narrator’s position seems to be the most important, since Charlene not even able to make her own choice in her life, not even to show her own emotion.

Eventually, Charlene knows her position as a mistress but she won’t recognize herself, she already become the narrator’s puppet .

“You walk differently. In store windows you don’t recognize yourself, you are another woman,... “

Charlene position as a puppet is similar with Hawa’s position, whom their freedom was taken by the narrator. This limitation often brings someone’s opinion being burned up inside, without any chance to spill it out to others. Similiar things also happened in the story by Fenny Fern, Independence. Fern’s...

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