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Limitation Of Twenty Hour Work Week For International Students

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There is a trend that the study fees of international student rise around 10% every year in Australia, as a result, many overseas students do a part-time job during their semesters. In fact, many students who did more part-time job during college life cannot find a job after they graduate from the university due to disruptions in their study time. Therefore, it is necessary to limited the amount of part-time work that international student do. Firstly, the aim of international students is study which can bring them more ability to give a higher profit in the future. Secondly, students may be worried about their study fees and life costs; it is because parents prepared sufficient money to support their children study aboard.

The main argument against doing over twenty hour’s part-time work, particularly for those international students who want the restriction of part-time hours cancelled, is the ability for them to earn a reasonable income in order to support their study. It is unfair that local students have no limitation of their work time. In fact, international students should also have the same rights as local students. Significantly, international students who may have more financial burden, mainly come from developing countries to Australia which is a developed country. Moreover, foreign students have the responsibility to decline the financial stress from their parents. As the international students only earn approximately eight to fifteen dollars per hour, they need to do over twenty hour’s part-time job per week to reduce the financial pressure of their parents.

The financial consideration is an important issue for international students studying abroad. Students need to off-set the high costs of studying overseas. Nevertheless, they have a student visa, not a work visa. That means the aim of...

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