Limitations Of The Gods Essay

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In many myth’s the gods seem to be able to everything, and nothing can stop them. As figures who are personifications of things humans cannot understand, they are powerful beings, but even they may have times of struggle. As some stories tell, the gods themselves had weaknesses, and things that they could not achieve. The gods do have human traits or tendencies that often lead to them being unable to do things. Sometimes it was the fact that they are gods that they could not do things. Even the gods can face their own share of hardships.

One of the main advantages some of the gods possess is the ability to reproduce by themselves. The eldest of the gods, Gaia, Abyss, Night, Eris, and even two male gods, Pontos, and Ouranos. Each of these god(s) and goddess(es) had no partner for some of their offspring’s production. In the Thegony Gaia had Ouranos, the mountains, and Sea (91), and Abyss gave birth to Erebos, and Night. Night then in turn had blame, grief, the hesperides, the tree beyond ocean, the destinies, fate, along with nemisis, deception, friendship, old age, and Eris. (93) Eris gave birth too many children all named for evil or bad deeds that man has come to do or associate with. Those children being named toil, famine, forgetfulness, recklessness, pains, battles, fights, murders, manslaughters, quarrels, words disputatious, lying words, and lawlessness. The last child of Eris is Oath, which could be a way to try and balance out to bad with some good. From the old male gods, Ouranos's severed genitalia gave form to Aphrodite and Pontos, the sea, gave form to Nereus. (93)

While the eldest gods could produce children on their own, only a one of the later gods possessed that ability. Hera had Hephaestus (104) all on her own, with no male to aid her, and she was the only one to truly have an offspring of only her. Zeus had Athena and Dionysus from his body, they did have mothers, Athena was daughter of Metis (103) and Dionysus was son of Semele (105). Zeus did not produce them on his own, but instead carried them after the mother no longer could, Metis being swallowed by Zeus and Semele turning to ash. The rest of the gods and goddesses only had children with a partner, they could not produce offspring on their own. In this way the later gods, save for Hera, couldn’t have children by just themselves. But they...

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