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Limitations On Social Media For Teenagers

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With 51% of teens using social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter daily, and 90% reporting that they have used them at least once, this addictive, contemporary way of communication has made its way into the lives of almost all teens, but not always to their advantage. For example, because online networking has become so prevalent, for some teens, it has become more of an addiction than a habit. Social networks can also cause other issues such as stunting a teens’ communication skills in real life situations, and cyber bullying can occur. As more and more people are using social networks, these complications are beginning to happen more frequently. This why social networking sites need to add more limitations for all teens.
One of the main problems with social networking and the internet is that using it can become a major addiction. Something about it seems to make people, especially teenagers, feel the need to constantly be online checking for updates of posting thing on their social networking sites. “CBS News did a test on college students, and cut them off from the internet for a few days. ‘When asked how they felt during the brief disconnection, students’ descriptions of frantic cravings, anxiety, and jitters mirrored those typical of people going through withdrawal from drugs or alcohol.’” Although some may argue that most teens aren’t using social media in way that could endanger them, so the frequent use of these sites isn’t wrong, any addiction, no matter the circumstances, is never mentally healthy.
Another reason social media should be restricted is because the frequent use of social networks can hinder a teenager’s communication skills. “37% of teens who use social media say they send messages to friends through these sites, and 58% say they sent texts or IMS” (pew). This is causing face to face communication to be diminished. Although an argument may be made that with these sites, teens are actually communication more, which is true, but when...

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