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Limited Technology Limited World Essay

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The technology has developed since the foundation of first the wheel, and this development is five hundred time faster than human being. From time to time, like a wheel, the technology has become better and developed faster. Then, humans started to use the technology and create their civilizations. As they civilized, they began to think of the concept of the freedom and create the governments. This situation shows that the governments has been created thanks to the technology. Therefore, the technology should not be controlled by the government.
To begin with, if a government limits the technological developments, the lack of the development in the medical technology can cause a decrease at ...view middle of the document...

For this reason, the economic conditions of these countries whose technological developments are limited get worse.
Finally, that the governments control the technology leads social communication to not be developed, and this control over the technology can be not good for the governments. Most of the information or news that do not serve their purposes are eliminated by the government. Therefore, people can be informed with the governmental perspective and they get away from the true information or news that can affect their life. For instance, according to Tawlin Magee, the UK government who sees the technology as a monolith tries to appear as modern and tech-savvy (2014). Furthermore, Internet site blocking may prevent people from the communication with the foreign countries, if the communication is kept a close watch on by the government due to the limited technology. This situation may lead this country to be seen as having an ultraconservative government. Especially nowadays, social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, or Linked In are used for several purposes such as protesting, being informed about universal news, or reading different kinds of viewpoints. If the government blocks these sites, people are unaware of the external world. Hence, people can attempted to use the illegal alternative ways to spreading news. Also, this restriction done for the communication keeps people from having their own free-speech rights. Because of this, people may feel themselves suppressed, and this limitation becomes against the civil liberty. Consequently, these circumstances bring on a bad impression for the governments.

The opponents of this proposal might argue that if the technology is controlled by the government, ideal corruptions remove. According to them, people...

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