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Limiting Smoking In America Essay

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The smoking level of Americans has become more abundant, and rapidly is getting out of control. This is a problem to our beloved country because of the many horrendous effects it has on the body. Many of these effects can be harmful to the body. These effects can lead to stroke, blindness, cataracts, Periodontitis, aortic aneurysm, early abdominal aortic atherosclerosis, and other severe illnesses. So, the big question is: why do people who understand the risks of smoking continue to smoke?
A lifetime of smoking often begins when an underage teen decides to try a cigarette at around 14 or 15. Every day, around 3,900 adolescents under the age of 18 try their first cigarette. Parents can ...view middle of the document...

com). Smoking from a mother can also add a 27% higher chance of gastrointestinal abnormalities, including problems with the throat, esophagus, colon, intestine, bile ducts (long tubes that carry bile from the liver and gallbladder through the pancreas to the small intestine), gall bladder, and liver ( Aside from a pregnant mother, a teenager that smokes can affect their family emotionally, as well as physically. If a family realizes a teenager is an underage smoker and can do nothing about it, they tend to lose hope and become depressed. If a teenager dies from smoking, the family becomes even more emotionally scarred.
Once a person develops the addiction, quitting becomes increasingly difficult. When an adult catches a teen smoking, there are many different things that they can do to help the person see how bad this addiction can be. For teens that have recently started smoking, many parents have given their child an entire pack of cigarettes, and told them to smoke all of it. This can show the effects smoking can have on a new smoker’s body. Another method of prevention is to display the increasing cost of continuous smoking. If teens are able to visualize the amount of money they pay every week, month, and year for cigarettes, the astounding costs may be enough to turn them away from it. Most teens care about their appearance, and smoking causes breath to become foul-smelling, teeth to become yellow, skin to wrinkle, and energy levels to become lowered. Many teens will see these problems and have more of a reason to quit before these developments appear.
Cigarette cravings can be the worst part of quitting smoking. These cravings always try to pull a person back in. There are many different things you can do to fight these cravings. One thing you can do is to find an oral substitute. It helps majorly when a person has other things to pop into their mouth as a substitute. Mints, hard candy, celery sticks, gum, and sunflower seeds are great substitutes for cigarettes. As well as your mouth, keep your hands and mind busy with things such as squeeze balls (and other stress-relief items), pencils, books, magazines music, crossword puzzles, etc. Brushing your teeth can give you the clean feeling that can help remove cigarette cravings. It also helps to drink a large, cold glass of water slowly. It helps to keep your cravings away and to help minimize nicotine withdrawal. Find a substitute to light, such as a candle or incense. Stay active with exercise. Go for a walk, do jumping jacks or pushups, do yoga, or even go for a run around the block. Finally, relaxation is very important. Take a warm bath, meditate, read, practice deep breathing exercises, or anything else that helps you relax.
Smoking has huge effects on a person’s health. Cigarette smoking can cause tar (a carcinogen), an increase in carbon monoxide in the body (reducing oxygen), COPD (Chronic...

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