Limiting The Use Of Torture In America

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Many social groups as well political groups have discussed the issue of torture. The elements and basic working of torture have many against it saying it is too cruel and violates America’s 8th amendment. But the question does arise what do we do if there is a suspect found hours before the crime is committed? Or what do we do to those that are known to have committed the severe crime (ie. a serial killer that has three victims hidden away) how do we find the victims and such?
The usage of torture on individuals that have a reasonable doubt of committed a heinous crime should not happen. Though torture itself in the United States is not allowed. But should torture be allowed, it should only be used on those that committed crimes that can put you on death row or life in prison. Such as in Oklahoma where if “a capital offense sex crimes against a child under 14 years of age when the offender has a previous conviction for a similar offense” , but also that person had a victim hidden from the public eyes at the time of the arrest, light torture should be allowed for that victim to be found. The type of torture should be according to the type of crime or offense. A man once gave a situation where there was a terrorist that was going to blow up Manhattan at 3 pm but was caught at 10 am for a minor offense, that terrorist should be tortured. In agreeing with the man the use of torture should not be as a punishment. Of course there are those like Beccaria, which bring up the point that those at are tortured will sometimes lie to stop the pain. He is...

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