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Limitless: Adderall And Its Effects On Daily Productivity And Task Completion Biopsychology Research Paper

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Limitless: Adderall and its Effects on Daily Productivity and Task Completion
Limitless: Adderall and its Effects on Daily Productivity and Task Completion
Zinat Mirza
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The psychostimulant drug Adderall was examined for its effects on task completion and daily productivity. In this experiment, we observed ourselves and the completion of a set list of tasks throughout the span of two weeks; week one consisted of completing the tasks to the best of our abilities, while week two was the same but also included the use of Adderall. These tasks included common, day-to-day chores and activities such as cleaning the house, cooking, doing the laundry, going to the bank, etc. Marking the tasks that were successfully completed, we took note of each quantitatively and measured the difficulty of each task, as well. It was noted that productivity, motivation, and general attention to detail and task were substantially greater during week two (with Adderall) as compared to week one (without Adderall); the task list during week two was completed more rapidly, efficiently, and thoroughly. Based on our research and experiment, our findings suggest that Adderall does indeed – in the short term – have a positive impact and effect on motivation, committedness to task completion, and overall daily output; further research and experimentation would be necessary to understand the drug’s long-term effects on drive and productivity, however.
Limitless: Adderall and its Effects on Daily Productivity and Task Completion
Performance and cognitive function within our society has never been of higher value than it is today. In a world that is placing an ever-increasing emphasis on time utilization and expected output, physicians across the country have been prescribing more and more quantities of stimulant medications – the most common of which is the...

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