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Limonene Induced Chiroptical Generation And In Version During Aggregation Of Achiral Polyfluorene Analogs: Importance Of Carbon, Silicon, And Nitr

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Solvent chirality transfer to racemic, and/or achiral molecules and polymers allows us to in-stantly generate optically active substances without any specific catalysis at ambient tempera-ture.1 So far, successful works of chirality transfer have been reported to aromatic ketones,2a ali-phatic ketones,2b aliphatic carbonyl compounds,2c rare earth (Eu3+ and Tb3+) complexes with or-ganic ligands,2d,2e π-conjugated oligomers5, polyisocyanate,2f,2g syndiotactic polystyrene as film state by solvent vapor and thermal annealing,2h and azobenzene derivatives2i.
Recently, optically active π- and σ-conjugated polymers have received much attention due to their elaborate chiroptical applications ...view middle of the document...

Several ‘aggregation’ induced (chir)optical transition behaviors are classified to aggregation induced emission (AIE),6 aggrega-tion-induced emission enhancement (AIEE), aggregation-induced circular dichroism (AICD), and aggregation-induced CPL (AICPL).3,8 Although, induction of optical activity to rotational isomers of molecules and polymer chains is hard to occur in fluidic solution, the molecular chi-rality transfer to these molecules and polymers in poorer solvent condition is possible during their aggregation process. Actually, solvent quantity of chiral limonene, chiral α-pinenes, and chiral alcohols facilitates to induce optical activity to several achiral polymers including pol-ysilanes,4 polyfluorene analogs,3b,3k and oligophenylenes5b in aggregate forms as suspension state even in fluidic solvents. Note that these chiral solvents employed are inexpensive, naturally oc-curring resources and the resulting aggregates can be formed in a minute. Though a choice of chiral solvent molecules and a fine tuning of volume fractions of ternary solvents are critical factors for efficient chirality transfer into aggregate state3, the role of polymer chemical structure in aggregate state is not fully understood.
To elucidate the nature of polymer backbone structure affecting the limonene chirality transfer efficiency, we employed a series of π-conjugated polymers,...

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