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Lin, 2009 Critical Analysis

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“Critically evaluate Lin, 2009. Is it true that an international student must learn a new way of thinking and writing when they come to study in a UK-type academic environment?”
Nowadays, there is a lot of scientist and professional who want to learn English to benefit from its leading position of power in modern research and economy. Linn (2009) mentioned that he agree with what Schneider & Fujishima (1995) say about academic writing in English particularly after its long history of development.
The strength reputation of the British education system has brought a lot of international students to study in the UK. Writing in an effective way is one of the important skills that students need to learn. Languages are affected by the country culture which includes almost everything, religion, education, quality of life and food. The aim of this project is to critically assess Dr.Linn study in 2009, trying to find the differences in academic writing between native English speakers and non native speakers, which is likely true. Native speaker will be a way better in writing, speaking, reading and listening.
According to Linn (2009) English structure of an essay is linear, whereas Arabic writers use parallel argument. A lot of Arabic writers probably will describe an essay with parallel argument as stronger than an essay with one linear argument.
Linn (2009) suggested that there are some differences in academic writing style between native speaker and nun-native speaker. However, it can be argued that these differences are parts of the cultural differences. For example they eat, live and talk differently.
According to Kaplan’s data which used(see Connor,2002;Hirsose,2003) shows how writer’s cultural backgrounds influence their writing structure. A lot of people may not argue with Kaplan, the culture is a historical window to the past. People can imagine how life was in the past, they take knowledge and value from generation to generation. People might be proud of their country history and culture and they may want to share it with others.
Kaplan (1966) suggested that Anglo-European essay follow a linear development in writing an argument. Whereas, Arabic writers repeat the argument. Arabic writers can argue that the Anglo-Europeans are also repeating some of argument or some idea over the essay.
Kaplan(1966) cited in Linn(2009)identified 4 cultural patterns; Anglo Saxon, Semitic, Oriental and Romance/Russian. It could be argued that there are more than 4 cultural patterns in the world he forgot it in his study such as Indian, African and Turkish.
According to Ostler(1997) cited in Linn(2009) two different written papers will be judged differently because of different writing standards. A lot of people argue that they should assess the value of the information written than the language.
The amount of using metaphors in American business communication and the UK media are quite high according to Trujillo Seaz 2003,cited in...

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