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Lincoln As I Knew Him Essay

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Lincoln As I Knew Him is a book edited by Harold Holzer about forty nine individuals and their memories of America’s sixteenth president Abraham Lincoln. The individuals rein from family members, friends, journalists, fellow lawyers, foreign observers, enemies, noted authors, military men, African Americans, artists, and white house employees and the stories differ from his childhood to his presidency. Their descriptions of Lincoln presented the same qualities that the photographs told of him. He was lanky, tall, sad eyed, and tousle haired. As I read I discovered President Lincoln was honest and direct but was guarded and silent about himself. He was an avid reader who loved to read aloud while other disliked that he did so. The book also discusses the darkened history of what happened at Ford’s Theater. The book is not an actual story but a compilation of reminiscences of memories about Lincoln in his childhood, his presidency, his rise to intellectuality. In most of the recollections Mr. Lincoln was remembered as a secluded man who lived in his own world shrouded by a cloak of mystery that no one could penetrate not even his own mother. Through the memories of the forty nine people we find the Mr. Lincoln was not a very good dresser and was a pushover for his kids; he also loved raunchy stories. He left a lasting impression on all the people who were fortunate enough to meet him or know him. Reminiscences of famous individuals such as Nathaniel Hawthorne, Harriet Beecher Stowe, Ulysses S. Grant, and Fredrick Douglass are also in this book.
The most noteworthy of remembrances from a family member was from Mr. Lincoln’s stepmother, Sarah Bush Johnston Lincoln in her interview titled “Abe Was the Best Boy I Ever Saw”. She talks about how he didn’t like physical labor and how he pursued knowledge. She says he would read all the books he could lay his hands on and that Lincoln would read for morning to night. Another noteworthy praise about President Lincoln came from longtime friend Joseph Gillespie who said Mr. Lincoln’s love of wealth was very weak and that he had no interest in owning land which was the biggest...

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