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Washington, DC is a spectacular place. This being my first time in DC, I was in awe of everything and all the historical places I encountered. The presence of the monuments and history is what made the capitol so magnificent. Having only read about the Lincoln memorial, I never had the chance to experience the sensation of being inside such an honorable place of importance. The imposing white marble walls of the memorial and the many people surrounding it could be seen from afar. Arriving at the location, an unknown feeling came over me. I was experiencing history in a whole different level. When I think about a memorial, the term remembrance comes to mind. Seeing the statue of Abraham Lincoln brought pieces of memories from history class and evoked thoughts of what it might have felt like to be in his shoes. I was astonished by the statue’s enormousness and how grand Abraham Lincoln looked in his chair. The size of the statue compared to pictures from books and elsewhere was surreal. Abraham Lincoln was a very “powerful and prominent individual” in the history of our nation, the statue’s design and size reflected upon that. Looking around me, I wanted to know what the others thoughts were on seeing his statue and how they felt in that building. I finally had the courage to ask one or two people what they thought; they all had the same appreciation as me. Hearing about an important person or learning about them in a history book gives you vast knowledge but it doesn’t evoke the feeling of utter appreciation as the memorial does. When Abraham Lincoln was assassinated, many people wanted to build a memorial in honor of him. They wanted to be able to show how important he was to shaping our nation and to “honor his existence”. Celebrated upon the walls of the monument were the words of Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address and his Second Inaugural Address. Building this memorial was surely the right way to go. There were many people of all ages, ethnicity, and class. All the people gathered at the memorial created a sense of unity although we were all there for different purposes. Many of these people were in high spirits and were enjoying themselves.

While researching and reading about the history of the memorial, I found interesting things that stood out. An example of this was the story behind the structural design. The architecture of the chamber inside the memorial means something itself. Different stones from different states were used in the creation of the chamber. According to the “DC Pages”, “The terrace walls and lower steps consisted of granite blocks from Massachusetts, the upper steps, outside front wall, and columns contained marble blocks from Colorado-the interior walls and columns were Indiana limestone, the floor was pink marble from Tennessee-the ceiling tiles were made up of Alabama marble, and the Lincoln statue encompassed 28 pieces of marble from Georgia”. The structure of the memorial was built on different marble stones to...

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