Lincoln’s Assassination: Foreshadowing The Implementation Of The Secret Service, Fbi, And Cia

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In modern time, the United States is looked at as a country that has an ability to overcome adversity. However, in the middle of the nineteenth century, the civil war proved to divide the nation. When the nation finally came back together, it was broken again shortly after. On April 15th, 1865 the 16th President of the United States, Abraham Lincoln was assassinated at Ford’s Theatre in Washington D.C. This was the first successful attempt to have a president assassinated while in office. After unsuccessful attempts, the first successful assassination of the president pointed out gaping flaws in the government. The first and most obvious flaw was the lack of secret service which provides the ...view middle of the document...

During the play, Booth was able to get up to the presidential box, and enter without much difficulty. Once inside, Booth was able to shoot Lincoln in the head, as well as stabbing his guest Major Rathbone. Booth was able to jump down onto the stage, and exit the theatre with a limp and leave on horseback. Back in the theatre, chaos broke out. People were in shock of what just happened, and refused to believe the truth. People rushed out to the police station, as well as creating a mob in the front of the theatre. Meanwhile miles away, the Secretary of State William Seward was attacked in his house by an intruder. It was clear that these attacks were related and the government was under attack. In the days passing, soldiers hunted Booth down where he was eventually killed. Booth changed his appearance by cutting his mustache as well as his hair. Booth’s body was identified by a doctor who removed a tumor from Booth’s neck a few days prior.
The most amazing part of the assassination of Abraham Lincoln was how little protection he had. President Lincoln was located in a box with his wife and two of his friends. John Wilkes Booth was able to enter the box quite easily, even placing a blockade on the door keeping people outside after. Booth however, had many different chances to attack Lincoln. It was believed he could have assassinated Lincoln during his inaugural address however he decided against it. The availability for harm of the president was something that should have been fixed long before Lincoln got assassinated. Even after Lincoln was assassinated the government refused to protect the president with a government agency. This was not even the first time someone tried to assassinate Lincoln, as there were two previous attempts. It took three presidential assassinations for the United States government to dedicate full time protection of the president of the United States. After the assassination of president William McKinley, the Secret Service took over duties of protecting the president full time in 1905. There is no doubt that presidential protection was the biggest flaw in the government, Lincoln was the most important part of the United States at this moment. He was able to reunite the nation following the Civil War, and was looking forward to leading the country through a sensitive time. With men protecting the entrance, as well as protection inside the box Lincoln would have survived the attempted attack. After the assassination, people fled to the police station shortly after the presidents death. The police used little to no communication to investigate the murder of the most important man in America. They allowed people to enter the theatre for most of the night, even after the investigation began. People were able to visit the box where the president was staying and take key evidence from the scene leaving the police little to no hard evidence. After leaving the crime scene to be tampered with, detectives had to move on with...

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