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Abraham Lincoln was born in 1809 on the Kentucky frontier. His parents were Thomas Lincoln and Nancy Hanks Lincoln. He and his parents were all southern born, even though his ancestors were born in Pennsylvania and New England. In 1816, when Lincoln was seven years old, he and his family moved to Indiana. Later on, close to his adulthood, they moved to Illinois. Lincoln’s mother, Nancy, died when he was only nine years old. In 1828-1831 he traveled in a flat boat down the great Mississippi River to New Orleans, Louisiana. When he got to New Orleans, he realized that Illinois was a better place to live in so he went back there. He went to a pioneer village to live at first, then on to ...view middle of the document...

Needing a break from politics, Abraham Lincoln decided to focus on being a lawyer for a while. Even though he was working as a lawyer, he always kept an interest in politics. It was when slavery started becoming a political issue, being a lawyer took a back seat to politics. Lincoln decided to make the move to the national scene in politics by serving only one term in Congress, which was 1847 through 1849. In the early 1950’s, Lincoln had grown so disgusted with the Whig Party that he decided to leave the Whigs in order to help with the formation of the new Republican movement.
Lincoln was the nominee for the young Republicans and was elected president after defeating Stephen Douglas (a northern democrat), John Bell (representing the Constitutional Union Party) and John C. Breckenridge (a southern pro-slavery democrat). In November of 1860, Abraham Lincoln became the sixteenth president of the United States. President Lincoln is remembered most for his huge voice as the main leader in preserving the Union during the Civil War. He was also known for his inspiring speeches. The Gettysburg Address is considered his most famous speech. It played a huge part in his political career as it initiated the end to slavery. He was also the brains behind the Emancipation Proclamation. The Emancipation Proclamation did not end slavery right after President Lincoln conceived the idea, but it did help the process, which led to the end of slavery in the United States. Most people believe that President Lincoln was the wisest of all U.S. Presidents. He is a great role model for every president that is elected.
On Good Friday (April 14, 1865) exactly five days after General Robert E. Lee, commander of the Confederate Army of Northern Virginia, surrendered to Lieutenant General Ulysses S. Grant and the Union Army of the Potomac to end the Civil War, Abraham Lincoln and his family attended a play called “Our American Cousin”, at Ford’s Theater in Washington, D.C. The family sat in the Presidential Box to watch the play. While the play was going on, the Presidential Box is always guarded by a policeman, but during intermission the...

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