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Once elected, Lincoln kept pretty quiet about his intentions as President. He decided that he shouldn't say anything until his inauguration. At his inauguration, Lincoln said he had no idea of putting an end to slavery. However, he was against the rumors of large groups of southerners forming an alliance against the union to protect their rights as slave owners. He believed that no states could ever legally separate from the union. This was the whole reason why Lincoln put a greater deal of interest in slavery. Once in office, he had another ordeal. Most of his cabinet were former foes in past presidential races. Put together, they were overall a well-qualified group. But they couldn't agree with each other on most issues. They also didn't agree with Lincoln being President, they at first thought that each one of them would be a better leader. They later discovered by seeing Lincoln in action, that he turned out to be better than any of them. The events at Fort Sumter proved to be the first test for Lincoln in the presidency. Lincoln was informed that the fort was surrounded by hostile forces. The choices were to either withdrawal or to use force immediately. Lincoln decided to wait it out for a while. He was later told that things were heating up at Fort Sumter. Lincoln decided to have supplies sent to the troops at the fort. He then told the governor of South Carolina that an attack was to commence upon the fort at any time. The president of the south, Jefferson Davis, wanted to dishearten Lincoln and ordered the attack on the fort. The fort was attacked by confederate forces on April 12th, and ended on the 14th. Only two men were lost in the last hours of the battle, but the commander of the fort, Robert Anderson, surrendered because they had used up all of their supplies. This battle was the first of many in the Civil war. After the Battle at Fort Sumter, four more states of the union coupled with the rest of the confederacy. These states were Arkansas, Tennessee, North Carolina, and Virginia. Maryland, Kentucky and Missouri were in a chaotic state. Certain people supported the union and some supported the confederacy and their rights as slaveholders. Sometimes when union soldiers were marching through Union states, confederate supporters would attack them in large mobs. This caused Lincoln to suspend...

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1311 words - 5 pages to different county seats in Illinois. Entering Politics From 1847- 1849 Lincoln served a single term on the U.S. House of Representatives. Lincoln spoke out against the Mexican-American war and supported Zachary Taylor for president in 1848 using his term in office to do this. Lincolns criticism of the war made him very unpopular among the people so he decided to not run for a second time and go back to Springfield and practice law

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1995 words - 8 pages prevent it growing any larger, and so deal with it that in the run of time there may be some promise of an end to it.”( Now while Lincoln was against slavery, he was not against abolitionist rights. Later on, it was he and not William Seward, who became the Republican presidential candidate, along with his running mate, Hannibal Hammlin. He defeated three other candidates to get to the presidency: Stephen Douglas, John Bell and

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1608 words - 6 pages .      In 1816, the Lincolns moved from Kentucky to Indiana and on October 5, 1818, Abraham’s mother died. But before she did, it was said by an eye-witness that: “She placed her feeble hand on little Abe’s head, she told him to be kind and good to his father and sister; to both she said, Be good to one another, expressing a hope that they might live, as they had been taught by her, to love their kindred and worship God

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1756 words - 7 pages the one who kept Union together, not allowing Southern States to separate. Another significant change he forced, was abolishing slavery in Confederate states on Jan 1st of 1863. Abraham adopted Homestead Act, which helped poor Americans on the East coast to get land in the West; motivating Americans go west and develop new lands. He also established one currency and system of national banking.During his presidency, Abraham Lincoln was a chief

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1795 words - 7 pages -bootstraps man of the frontier. Born in a log cabin, he taught himself to read and hacked his way out of the Kentucky backwoods into the national spotlight." (Ewers) This was a pretty vague but accurate depiction of how Lincolns childhood was. He was born in a log cabin in Hardin County, Kentucky to Thomas and Nancy Lincoln. His father was a pioneer and made them a decent living until they were forced to move to Perry County, Indiana over a land dispute

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3425 words - 14 pages . Although the war was over, Lincoln “was hated by Northerners as well as Southerners-for usurping [overriding] cherished constitutional rights, for pursuing a policy regarding slavery that would lead to the Africanization of the United States, for degrading the presidency, for shedding so much blood, for making so many widows, and for creating so many fatherless homes” (Ito, 1997, p. 11). Many people, including Mary Todd Lincoln, Lincoln’s

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2236 words - 9 pages tragedy left his father, Thomas Lincoln, "a wandering laboring boy" who "grew up, literally without education." Thomas, nevertheless, became a skilled carpenter and purchased three farms in Kentucky before the Lincolns left the state. Little is known about Lincoln's mother, Nancy Hanks Lincoln. Abraham had an older sister, Sarah, and a younger brother, Thomas, who died in infancy.In 1816 the Lincolns moved to Indiana, "partly on account of