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Linguistic Marker Of Deception Essay

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Discourse analysis has been inadmissible, but the inclusion of such evidence is arguably relative. As a final example to reiterate that discourse analysis can aid a juror's knowledge on language evidence is the following: language speakers may have their own subjective biases based on the context of the crime, and this may result in presumptions of guilt. According to Robert Leonard, we employ a “prior experience and the storehouse of narratives that each of us carries” (Hitt, 2012) called “schema” (para) when communicating with others. The general idea to this is that people have their own experiences that can mold expectations, and the argument is that perhaps this notion of schema can ...view middle of the document...

However, it should be important to note that people are not always so illogical because of context, since there have been “dissenters” in cases such as threat of murder. Tiersma and Solan (2012), in the formerly mentioned case involving the threat of murder against Ronald Reagan, there were “dissenters” who were not entirely convinced of the man's guilt, since the words “you'll get killed” were “passivized.” (para) The argument here is that he may not have intended on doing the action (para.) It appears that people can focus on the language at hand, even in this kind of severe context involving murder.
Language crimes such as bribery in the case listed above may have greatly created an initial bias in the jury members and the judges. If this notion in schema is as pervasive as it suggests, then arguably in high-risk crimes, an accused charged with murderer may suffer the likelihood of being convicted as a murderer before the evidence has been presented, or even in the face of evidence. So perhaps discourse analysis can be argued as necessity in drawing out the objective facts of an interaction such as what was said in an interaction, and who was it said to, clearly these can be easily missed.
These lists of studies were shown to illustrate that linguists can and do contribute more than just average knowledge of a speaker. They may allow for a better understanding of the exchanges within an interaction. Linguists suffer the possibilities of having their testimony being likened to something like a teleprompter, when in it is perhaps comparable to something more as a tourist guide. But the testimony needs to be presented the right way that differentiates itself everyday speaker knowledge, Shuy (2007) gave transcripts to the jurors in the Davis case. These transcripts were arguably objective because it outlined that the speakers in the recording were overlapping when they were talking and replicated exactly what was going on in the recording (p.). Furthermore, jurors in the case were said to have found it helpful according to Shuy (p.), in other words “not confusing”, despite others claiming that it has often been reported that jurors find discourse analysis testimony as “too confusing” (Tiersma and Solan 2002).
It is arguable then that topic analysis and response analysis are essential tools, since things do get misconstrued or misheard within an exchange. In this respect a linguist's contribution is essential in cases involving language crimes, if presented in the right way, and in the right context. But even though these kinds of analyses help reveal the depths of a conversation to allow for a more accurate inference of the speakers' roles, referents, and can therefore make more accurate judgment of evidence, perhaps these kind of analyses may be relevant for acts that are deeper and more covert, like the act of deception. But uncovering such as act is no easy feat, as it will be revealed, but psychological research has contributed many...

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