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Michael Posner once said,” Even now, after Debord’s death, in an age of mindless interactivity, we remain consumers, increasingly disconnected from reality and our own lives mesmerized by images.” This quote means that our reality has been transformed in a damaging and artificial ways, which has violated our inner ability to judgment. Under such circumstances, image culture has already became a social preference and we react emotionally rather rationally. And that is why we are still not able to connect with the reality. I agree with this quotation, as it holds true in life, and in modern culture. Both Image world by Michael Posner and The Wire by Brian Lowry teach audiences about the idea that people are highly influenced and adopted by fancy spectacles and illusions, they are preferred to see what they want to see rather than what is real and valuable. However, there are some significant differences in those two novels, which contradict with each other.
The novel Image world demonstrates how people adopted spectacles then preferred spectacles in many prospective. Life has become a fancy presentation with manipulations and illusions, just in order to keep people interested and hypnotically responsive. One of the ways Image World proves this point is through theme, which is the central idea revealed through a literature work. In the novel Image world, Michael Posner describes popular places in the world like: Broadway, Cannes, Pairs, Milan, New York, London, Las Vegas, even theme parks in everyday life are all surround by spectacles and illusions. It’s all built and designed in a common ground of spectacle. Those places are sublime, but it is also part of fraudulence and people enjoin it. Michael Posner proves a fact that people are only willing to go to places with spectacles. Posner uses this example to justify that the balance between reality and spectacle has clearly shifted toward spectacle. In Image World, Posner describes how artistic expression diversified from literature to visual, then finally visual becomes popular and the majority. While literature does contain more in memory, psychology, interior monologue, but compare to film as a typical derivative of image culture, it is slow and complicated, which requires understanding and intellects. Film communicates instantaneously to human emotion, which requires less judgment and less interpretation as it directly appeals to people feeling rather people’s mind. In conclusion, those two examples reflects on Posner’s quote on image culture, image culture blinds people’s core sensibility which makes people become more emotional and conditional on images and spectacles as now people preferred fraudulences over the reality; preferred intuition over intellect.
In The Wire, the author describes the classic but unpopular TV Play series, The Wire. The wire focuses on different facet of the city of Baltimore: the illegal drug trade, the port system, the city government and...

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