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Linux Os Vs Windows Os Essay

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1. Table of contents 1
2. Appreciation 2
3. Introduction 2
4. History 3
5. Platform dependencies 4
6. Programming language used 5
7. Operating system (OS) model used 6
8. Hardware 7
9. Software 8
10. Cost 9
11. Reliability 10
12. Security 11
13. User-Friendly 12
14. Conclusion 13
15. References 14


An operating system (OS) is an intermediate program which used to run other program in a computer. OS is considered as backbone because hold the responsibility to manage both hardware and software resource used in a computer. OS responsible to control and allocated memory to recognize input from external devises then ...view middle of the document...

Linus Torvalds began this project in 1991, in Helsinki. In the beginning he wrote the specifically program using his hardware and an independent operating system. He wants to create a program that can suite his new personal computer (PC) with an 80386 processor. The development of his project was done on MINIX using GNU C compiler. However, the code he created can be built with other compilers too for example Intel C compiler.
While Torvalds wrote his book, “Just for Fun”, he eventually realized that he was written a program using an operating system kernel. He announced this system in Usenet posting to newsgroup “Comp. Os. Minix” on 25th of August in1991. Linux published at very first time under Torvalds own license. But the published of this program has restriction on it commercial activity.
Then this kernel software was developed as a part of GNU project, licensed under the GNU General Public License as a free software license. In Linux 0.01 (first generation of Linux), include binary of GNU’s Bash shell. Linux and GNU were developed to work together and to integrate GNU component so that can ensure it fully function.
Linux is used frequently as adoption of GNU software. In GNU’s bulletin on June 1994, Linux is known as “free UNIX clone”. Richard Stallman changed name of Linux to Lignux in May 1996. However, this name was abandoned because Linux is simpler to show the combination of Linux and GNU.
Windows was developed by Microsoft in 1983. Windows has its own operating system (MS-DOS) and a using a graphical user Interface (GUI). Windows first released as a part of Disk operating system (DOS) in 1985.

Platform dependencies

The term platform can be refer to the type of processor and/or other hardware on which a given operating system or application runs, the type of operating system on a computer or the combination of the type of hardware and the type of operating system running on it. An example of a common platform is Microsoft Windows which is running on the x86 architecture. Other well-known desktop computer platforms include Linux/Unix and Mac OS X which is both of they are cross-platform. However, many devices such as Smartphone that are also effectively computer platforms but less commonly thought about in that way. Application software can be written to depend on the features of a particular platform either the hardware, operating system, or virtual machine it runs on. The Java platform is a virtual machine platform which runs on many operating systems and hardware types, and is a common platform for software to be written for.
This the platform support by windows
• x64 Windows XP (64-bit)
• x86 Windows XP (32-bit)
• x64 Windows Vista (64-bit)
• x86 Windows Vista (32-bit)
• x64 Windows 7 (64-bit)
• x86 Windows 7 (32-bit)
• x64 Windows 8, 8.1 (64-bit)
• x64 / Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise (64-bit)
• x64 / Windows HPC Server 2008 R2 (64-bit)
• X64 / Windows...

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