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Linux Vs. Windows Essay

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Any program is only as good as it is useful- Linus Torvalds. According to Merriam-Webster dictionary an operating system is the main program in a computer that controls the way the computer works and makes it possible for other programs to function. Linus Torvalds in 1991 arranged the UNIX operating system to be used in the stead of ms-dos; Windows 95 was ran on top ms-dos. Windows and Linux are different operating systems built off different systems of code making security, stability, usability, and the communities comparatively different.
Windows 7 starts with Microsoft Security Essentials and Windows Defender. One of the re-occurring issues with Microsoft Security Essentials is its auto updating feature occasionally it doesn’t update. However, Microsoft has given information on how to fix the problem on their website. Microsoft Security Essentials protects your computer from viruses, spyware, and intrusions from hackers, but it does not provide a firewall or malware protection. The lack of certain protections makes it inferior to other free antivirus, however, it protects the system from the majority of infections and intrusions. Ubuntu, a version of Linux, starts without an antivirus because Linux is not as vulnerable to viruses as Windows. The way Linux is built it makes it hard for viruses to run. The only reason someone would need antivirus on a Linux based operating system is if you were sending files to a Windows computer or if the Linux computer was on the same network. Ubuntu starts out with a preset firewall, but it is not enabled on default.
Windows is not known for its stability. A key factor in its stability is the infamous blue screen also referred to as a blue screen of death. Which is a stop error where the computer stops. Usually there is some kind of code on the...

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