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Viewer’s response/EvaluationThe lion king becomes a very touching story in which develops a sense of remorse through the themes of loss and tragedy but is finally conquered by love. The connection between the father and son is remarkably exposed through Mufasa as his care for Simba is beyond what one can imagine. Throughout the movie the theme of love is immensely scattered and in the end it is love that resolves the conflict through confrontation of Simba’s inner fear to claim what was his fathers. Everyone has a wish in which they can bring back one of their loved ones for advice and guidance, in the movie Simba has that opportunity in which he confronts his father from the dead and is then guided through Mufasa’s advice. The movie also gives a sense of life lessons to the audience as Rafiki the baboon says “you can either run from the past or learn from it” the words are chosen carefully through the movie as the audience can relate to the movie and may apply those sayings to reality, this is one of the main aspects of the movie that makes the story great.Yes, this is an oft-told story with something of a spin on Shakespeare's "Hamlet," treated with the utmost respect by its creators, and given a visual sheen that is quite unlike anything that Disney had ever put on the screen. "The Lion King" is a celebration of all things detailed and intricate, capturing the great expanses...

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