Lions And The Masia Tribe. Essay

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There are different forms of experimentation on lions with different kinds of effects on humans. The lion is the African animal that Masia kill most. The Kenyan Masai tribe lives outside of cities and continues their traditional way of life alongside lion populations. The Masia are allowed to live anywhere outside of the city as long as they maintain their pastoral lifestyle. The Masai population has increased to more than 40,000 people, and now they can hardly survive on their cattle because the lions kill the cattle. However, the lion population has increased more than the Masai population. There is a lot of interaction between lions and Masai because the lions sometimes hunt cattle, bringing them into direct conflict with the Masai. Any livestock losses have a greater impact than in earlier years, and the Masai do everything they can to destroy the cattle killers. They have the right to kill anyone who chooses to interfere with their rights. Also, some people say Masia killed the lions to make lion skins for clothing not to protect their property. There are two arguments. One of them supports the lions and says lions have the right to kill the Maria's cattle. The other argument is against the lions and says that Masia have the right to protect their cattle and kill anything that tries to take their property.First, Anthropocentric Individualistic Libertarianism says every person has the right to live as they choose compatibly with the same right of everyone else. This moral theory believes that the Masai should kill the lions if the lion is believed to be a threat to cattle safety. The Masia think that their cattle have the right to wander, run, graze and enjoy the environment without lions eating them; because the cattle are Masia property, they don't allow the lions eat to the cattle. Once the lion is found eating cattle it will be killed because Masia have the right to defend their cattle according to the anthropocentric individualistic Libertarianism. The Masia believe during the last seventeen years lions have also become vivid symbols of the conflicts between people and nature. Long relegated in our minds to the woods and bushes they are now showing up in suburbs, backyards and cattle home grounds. People are understandably concerned. In 1774, one woman died a after lion attack while confirmed deaths and injuries to pets and livestock by have increased significantly. These incidents reawaken the Masai public debate about lion management, including damage permits, hunting and other control measures. Some Masai want a more aggressive policy that removes lions from areas where they pose a danger. Masia have killed the lions in most of Africa and lions kill cows, goats, and other livestock for food. And on rare occasions they kill people. Lion's life is simply not as valuable as human life. Masia are more valuable than lions because a masia life always has far more potential than lions. So people killed lions to protect themselves and their...

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