Liposuction And Its Uneccesary Dangers Essay

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Just about every cosmetic surgery has been advertised on television, billboards, and, arbitrarily, by the celebrities who elect to go under the blade. Although these are in fact surgeries that can potentially be dangerous, most of them are not emergent, or illness-based, surgeries; these people undergoing plastic surgery want to do so at their own risk and pay thousands of dollars to get these procedures. The improving self-image based reason for plastic surgery, unintentially, gives plastic surgeons a negative, superficial connotation and puts these patients getting surgery in unnecessary danger. One procedure in particular caught my attention: liposuction. This surgery is considered a norm ...view middle of the document...

Liposuction is not meant to be a treatment of obesity, or a replacement for diet and exercise. (1) Instead the people who get these surgeries are overweight individuals who have money and just want a quick fix to their weight problem. These individuals are risking their lives for a quick fix that can have many complications.

Just like any other medical procedure, liposuction can have a number of risks and complications. Some complications are out of the Physician’s control and others can be a mistake made by the physician, possibly costing the patient his or her life. An uncontrollable complication that may occur is that the patient develops an embolism. In an embolism, or blockage in the body from something that has broken off, fat that is loosened during the procedure, but still in the body, enters the blood stream through blood vessels, ruptured through surgery, and blocks the circulation of blood. (2) This can cause permanent disability or death in some cases. Another complication that can occur through liposuction is a visceral perforation. A visceral perforation is a puncture wound to an organ. During liposuction, the Physician may not see exactly where the cannula is or what it is touching; this increases the possibility for the physician to puncture an organ. (2) These perforations in organs may require the patient to get surgery to repair the wound, and may also be fatal. In this case, I believe a malpractice lawsuit should be brought against the surgeon. Liposuction is a simple procedure that...

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