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Before making the decision to have any kind of cosmetic surgery, one must weigh the risks of the surgery into the reasons of having the procedure (Ojeda 87). Expectations must also be realistic. In an aid to maintain realistic optimism, doctors strongly discourage patients from entering the operating room only to expect to come out looking like a supermodel. As physicians, they must remind the patient that with the beauty will come pain. Before a person can even begin the liposuction or surgical process, they must find a doctor. Research is very critical in the process of getting the procedure performed. When it comes to matters of appearance, one cannot trust just any doctor. Liposuction, as well as all other surgeries, demands a qualified physician. A reputable surgeon must be appointed to perform such a risky operation (Ojeda 86). The media plays a great role in the number of cosmetic procedures being performed around the world. Most people decide to have cosmetic operations because they see celebrities in magazines and on television and assume that everyone must look as prim and perfect as they (DiBattista 49). Because of the pressure, the people become patients and end up spending hundreds of thousands of dollars just to change their appearances to something they are not.Many people get liposuction to lose weight. What they do not know, unfortunately, is that the procedure is most likely not the quick fix they are looking for. Liposuction is not intended for someone who wants to lose weight. It functions more as an isolated procedure. Most people use liposuction to lose fat in one area, such as the thighs or stomach region. These are obvious places chosen because that is where fat usually sticks. The procedure is not necessarily geared toward people who are sixty pounds overweight (Winkler 39). For the people that are quality candidates for the procedure, the slimming results do not come without sacrifice. One endures much pain from the procedure while in recovery.To commence the procedure, the doctor begins by using a general or local anesthetic. The doctor then proceeds to make a small incision for the cannula, (a small, hollow, metal tube), to enter the fat layer underneath the skin. The cannula is attached to a machine that acts as a vacuum to break up and suck the fat out (Winkler 39). After the primary incision is made, multiple incisions may be deemed necessary by the doctor to remove the excess, or unwanted, fat. When an adequate amount of fat is removed, the incisions are then stitched up and dressed. Care of the dressings is critical in the prevention of infection (Graham 111). If infection was to develop and spread, the surgery would probably have been all for nothing.There are two commonly used types of liposuction. The majority of plastic surgeons prefer to use the tumescent liposuction procedure. This procedure enables doctors to take out fat with minimal pain and/or blood loss. First, a local anesthetic is administered to numb...

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