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Water Management In They Sydney Catchment Area

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The amount of water in the Sydney dams and the consumption by the Greater Sydney Metropolitan area is the main issue as the dam levels are at 40.8% in Warragamba Dam, which is our major water catchments supply. The Topic to address the issue is water Management.Australia is suffering from a draught, which is the worst since the 1930's, combined with an exploding population in the Sydney basin, which has placed a higher than planned demand on the available water supply. The current situation was not foreseen and planned for 20 years ago even though Australia is known as the dry country.Plus the catchments areas currently do not collect sufficient water for the current consumption and because of the low water levels, we are running out of water but we need water to live.Areas of ResponsibilitiesLocal council - Cannot water local parks, cannot flush streets clean, receive complaints from residents.Regional - Rules apply across all councils; Issue affects more than just Sydney Council,State - Can Will/loss the next election based on good or bad current or future planning.National - As the drought is affecting the whole country, Sydney drives Industry and if it suffers then country will suffer financially.At the TOP level this issue is at State government level because it involves them, if they fail, they will be voted out. Where as the lower levels such as Regional and Local councils may not be affected as much as they do not have the funding from taxes etc.Affected partiesThe Key interest groups are· Farmers· Households· And Business'sWithout water or restricted water use for the farmers they won't be able to grow plants or crops, which means no local food = import which affects the country's trade balancesWithout water or restricted water use for Households, we wont be able to keep the grass green, plants alive or keep the car clean, drinking water, washing and it could impact our hygiene (Baths etc)Without water or restricted water use for Business's they won't be able to clean things they use with water, water is a very effective and quick way of removing dirt and to keep areas clean. Without the use of water, more time will be spent and more money as well.Geographical causesSydney is currently in the grip of a severe drought - our worst since the 1930s.Over the past 50 years, Australia has become warmer, and parts of eastern Australia have become drier. Scientists have concluded that the global warming of the past 50 years is largely due to human activities that have increased greenhouse gas levels. Green House Gases - Water vapour (H2O), carbon dioxide (CO2), nitrous oxide (N2O), methane (CH4), and ozone (O3) are the primary greenhouse gases in the Earth's atmosphere. Entirely human-made greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, such as the halocarbons and other chlorine and bromine containing substances, dealt with under the Montreal Protocol. Beside CO2, N2O and CH4, the Kyoto Protocol deals with the greenhouse gases sulphur...

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