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Water Security: The Role Of Government And Legistlature

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Human health Problems

Water security encompasses providing proper water for everyone and if not done properly can cause many health issues. Many communities still have to boil their water before they can drink it (Saskatchewan eco network n.p.). Boil advisories mean that there are unacceptable levels of disease causing bacteria, viruses or parasites In the water system either in the source or from the system itself ( 2014). Health of Canada is significantly affected by accessibility to clean and safe water ( 2014). Its estimated that unsafe drinking water causes 40000 illnesses and 90 deaths every year ( 2014). As many as 75% of water systems in aboriginal communities face the threat of having inadequate water.(!2)

Environment problems
Water security issues can also affect the environment. 90% of natural hazards are water related (Wheater and Gober 2013). In 2013 water related distasted killed nearly 300 000 people. (Wheater and Gober 2013). Agricultural, industrial and domestic contaminants can threaten the quality of water ( 2014). In the northern area of the province, uncontaminated water supplies are at risk from mining and forestry ( 2014). If anything were to happen to ground supplies more than 80% of the country’s rural populations would be facing water issues ( 2014). There are many other issues including the affects water issues can have on aquatics life, animal life in general and the strain put on environment.

Governments role
It is Governments job to deal with all the aspects of water security including, water accessibility, water conservation, water quality, water protection, water management, water sustainability and water demands etc. Traditional approaches to water issues and water quality degradation have been dealt with on the supply side (Patrick 2011, 748). Strategies were implemented to increasing water supply and expanding water treatment services. (Patrick 2011,748). Government did this by focusing on using technical and economical approaches to reduce total water consumption (Patrick 2011,748). Since the 1990’s a new approach has been focused on the demand side to implement efficiency and water conservation (Patrick 2011, 748). More recently water conservation has been seen as a short-term solution for periodic water shortages (Patrick 2011, 748). Over 50% of Canadian communities use an annual flat rate charge for water services and this means that you pay the same amount as everyone even if you use more or less water than the next person which prevents people thinking about conserving than if they were paying for the amount of water they actually use (Patrick 2011, 749). Though some would suggest that water conservation is limited in changing peoples long-term behaviors and attitudes towards water use. Some argue that too many ministers and agencies are involved in water security, resulting in confusion and conflict...

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