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Alcohol And Its Effects On The Body

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Alcohol and Its Effects on the Body

As tempting as it might be to consume alcohol in college, I have found
through recent experiences that the idea might not be as glamorous and
fun as it seems. I have experienced the trouble that drinking can
cause and the negative impacts that alcohol does to your body.
Unfortunately, I have experienced many of the troubles that alcohol
can acquire for someone. There are so many impacts that alcohol has
on your body-acute effects, short-term effects, and long-term effects.

A person’s brain is affected extremely from alcohol. While you are
under the influence, cognitive abilities are affected even with the
smallest measures of alcohol. Memory cells and those cells that
pertain to memory are the brain cells that are most susceptible to
alcohol. Alcohol prohibits the transfer and consolidation of
memory-therefore, we will not be able to remember what happened before
drinking and during that allotted time period. Drinking affects REM
sleep. Therefore, no matter how much sleep you might get, it is
likely that you will still wake up tired. Also, the risk of engaging
in unsafe-sex is high as well as the risk of sleeping with someone
that you might not normally. The chances of contracting a sexually
transmitted disease or becoming pregnant are higher than normal as a
result of this sort of risky behavior.

Short-term effects are considered to be effects of alcohol within the
next 72 hours after drinking. Hangovers are the obvious major
short-term effect of alcohol. The recovery period is an awful event
that takes place the day after. Academic and social success could be
affected by this problem. Long-term effects of alcohol possibly
include damage of the connection between nerve cells and cause
permanent brain damage, including memory loss and personality changes.

As I was browsing through numerous websites that explained the major
effects of alcohol on the teenage brain, I was amazed. The brain
undergoes vigorous changes throughout teenage adolescence, and alcohol
abuse can seriously injure long-term and short-term growth processes.
Frontal lobe development and the refinement of pathways and
connections continue until the age of sixteen, and a high rate of
energy is used as the brain matures until the age of twenty. Damage
from alcohol at this time can be long-term damages. Not only that,
these damages are generally irreversible. In addition, short-term or
moderate drinking impairs learning and memory far more in youth than
adults. In a more understandable comparison, adolescents generally
require only half as much to drink in order to suffer the same
negative effects.

Various research attempts have been done in order to determine the
damages of alcohol to underage drinkers as well as drinkers of age.
Adolescent drinkers...

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