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Alcohol: Just A Drink Instructions Were To Pick A Topic You're Passionate About And Write An Essay.

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One night, as the Smiths were driving home from the their eldest daughter's wedding, their other two children--Billy and Sally-- much younger, sat quietly in the back reflecting on the evening's festivities. All of a sudden something crushed into the car. The only thing the children could remember were their parent's horrified screams and the sound of broken glass. The other driver was drunk. Alcohol is a widely used substance with even bigger issues.The United States hasn't always had an alcohol issue. This concern exploded due to the expanding commercialism and mass production in the twentieth century (Alcohol). According to the article "Alcohol Issues," "Alcohol is one of the most heavily consumed beverages in the U.S." This article also stated that most adults usually consume around 36 gallons of alcohol, set against 25 gallons of milk, 21 gallons of coffee, and 47 gallons of soft drinks. For the good, times have been changing. Laws have drastically changed over the years, as Americans learn more and more about this substance. In 1917, the USA passed the Eighteenth Amendment which prohibited the sale and manufacture of alcohol. This time in American history was known as the Prohibition Era. Although the Prohibition didn't last long, law enforcement keeps changing standards, even today. The legal limit for drinking and driving has decreased significantly. Everyone reacts differently to alcohol, so Congress is trying to find a happy medium in setting the BAL, blood alcohol level.Alcohol in moderation is fine, but when a person becomes an alcoholic, then it becomes dangerous. Here are a few signs that someone is an alcoholic provided by Help Guide:§Drinking excessive amounts of alcohol frequently (The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism has established two drinks per day for men and one drink a day for women as the limits to safe drinking)§Drinking when it is dangerous (such as driving)§Frequent excessive drinking (known as binge drinking)§Interpersonal difficulties with family, friends, or co-workers§Legal problems related to drinking.A strong need, or urge, to drink§Not being able to stop drinking once drinking has begun§Withdrawal symptoms, such as nausea, sweating, shakiness, and anxiety after stopping drinking The need to drink greater amounts of alcohol to get "high."An alcoholic is depended upon alcohol. It's not a matter of will power, instead urges and cravings an alcoholic faces (Bander 1).Alcohol is ingested through the mouth then it travels to the stomach, down to the small intestine, and into the blood stream. This is where people feel the effect. Next, the bloodstream carries it to the brain. Alcohol is a depressant and may cause impaired judgment. Impaired judgment may lead to...

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