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Lisa Essay

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My boredom lingered on despair as I sit at home alone wondering what my friends are doing at school. I wouldn’t be in this situation if I would have stayed out of trouble. My antics got me suspended from school, and enough trouble with the law that they had me on house arrest. I could not talk to my friends and I couldn’t go anywhere either. My thoughts start to stray towards Lisa. Lisa is a petite blonde that amazes me with her intelligence. I find myself thinking about her more and more often as I serve out this time on house arrest. She has a flawless complexion and her curves make her seem older than her 15 years. I guess we could call my feelings toward her lustful.
     Finally, it’s 3:00 on a Friday afternoon and my homeboy Martin will be over to see me shortly. As soon as he gets here I’ll have somebody to talk to. When he gets here he reports to me that the girl he likes, Anna, will be spending the night at Lisa’s house. Isn’t it amazing how things work out sometimes. I took this to be an omen that I would never get caught if I broke house arrest tonight. I need to tell you that Anna has never really showed any interest in short, chubby Martin, but I can’t break that news to him. I lie and tell him that we’re in, when what I mean is, I’m in. Really, Anna with her tall beanpole-like figure isn’t anything to get too excited about. Her shoulder length brown hair is always pulled back so tightly it looks as if her forehead is about to crack.
     "So, how do you want to do it?" Martin asks me.
     "Well, seeing as how neither one of us has a car, we’re gonna have to meet somewhere close to their house since they got what we want," I tell him.
     "Okay, you sneak out about 11:00 and come to my house. Then we’ll meet them at Oakdale park about 12. You need to call them and tell ‘em what the deal is. Make sure you remind them that there’s plenty of bushes at the park," Martin says chuckling and nudging me with his elbow.
     "Yeah, I’ll call and let them know."
     I’ve been dying to talk to Lisa all day. She’s even entertaining to talk to on the phone for 4-5 hours. You know if you put up talking to any woman that long you really got something for her. As soon as Martin leaves I get on the phone to call. Damn, she ain’t home yet. I keep forgetting that just because my life is on hold everybody else’s isn’t. It makes me so pissed off I could spit bullets that someone is out with my Lisa. Don’t let me find out who is. I try again every hour on the hour to reach my Lisa and about 6:00 I finally get her.
     "Where you been," I ask her.
     "Out," she replies.
     "Oh, well I was just wondering what you thought about you and Anna sneaking out...

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