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• Lisa Hooker Campbell is a member of the JDRF Middle Tennessee Chapter's Board of Directors. She is the daughter of Alice Ingram Hooker, who is the sister of the late E. Bronson Ingram (1931-1995), founder of Ingram Industries, and the niece of E. Bronson's widow Martha Ingram who is one of the country's wealthiest and most philanthropic women. Lisa's daughter Eileen was diagnosed with T1D about seven years ago.

• Lisa's daughter Eileen has T1D. She was diagnosed in 2007 and is now in her mid-twenties. Lisa's mother-in-law also has T1D. (No further information is available about Lisa’s mother-in-law). ...view middle of the document...

Lisa felt thought that given that T1D was in the family gene pool, a large family gift to “cure a disease”, might be of interest to the members of her family.

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ATTACHMENT 1: Ingram Family Who’s Who
Lisa Hooker Campbell
Lisa is an active volunteer in the Nashville Tennessee community. She has served on numerous boards and chaired several of Nashville’s most prominent philanthropic events. Lisa is the 2014 board vice-chairman of the United Way of Metropolitan Nashville and serves on the board of St. Timothy’s school in Maryland.

Her husband is John Palmer Campbell III, Vice President of Content Acquisition at Ingram Content Group. He has held various positions at Ingram Industries and its subsidiaries since 1993 and is a past associate at Farris, Warfield & Kanaday LLP.

Eileen Campbell Hart
Lisa’s daughter is Eileen Campbell Hart. Eileen married Christopher Forbes Hart in September 2013, and is a nurse practitioner. Christopher is Director of Corporate Development at Passport Health Communications. Eileen and Christopher live in Seattle.

Alice Ingram Hooker
Lisa’s mother, Alice Ingram Hooker has also served on many non-profit boards over the years. These have included: Vanderbilt University Medical Center, the Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt University, St. Timothy’s School, the Ensworth School, the Junior League of Greater Nashville, the Nashville Community Chest and many others.

Alice’s husband is Henry Williamson Hooker a well-known Nashville attorney who, along with his brother John Jay Hooker Jr., is the founder of Hooker, and Willis LLP. Henry’s father John Jay Hooker Sr., was also a famous trial lawyer, and was the grandchild of Tennessee Constitution signer Henry Williamson. His mother Darthula Hooker June, was a descendent of Governor William Blount, a signer of the U.S. Constitution, and President of the Constitutional Convention of Tennessee.

Martha Robinson Rivers Ingram
Martha Robinson Rivers Ingram is the widow of Erskine Bronson Ingram II, founder of Ingram Industries. At the time of his death, Ingram Industries’ was an $11 billion conglomerate of Ingram Book Company,...

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