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Lisa Lawrence Essay

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Lisa Lawrence ENC 1102 09/21/01 Trying to Understand the Meaning of Art Why art affects our lives so much both young and old? History speaks of the past and present which it affects our understanding of viewing a painting or piece of art.The meaning of art has different views through the eye of the beholder not on the artist views only. Our cultural believes and personal experiences do affect the way we approached and understand art. Guernica by Pablo Picasso is an unique painting that gives both personal and thrilling view thoughts of how life can change in meaning with different knowledge during this time.I believed that the painting Guernica by Pablo Picasso has a realistic image that shows unique meaning of how distorted life can be during those years. " What we make of that painted moment when it is before our eyes depends upon what we expect of art, and in turn depends today upon how we have already experienced the meaning of paintings through reproductions" Berger 125. The painting Guernica is very famous, because of uniqueness of what it relates to and how it gives a different texture of art with shapes, faces, animals and even women defined in this painting. Guernica by Pablo Picasso gives you a chance to question the way things happen and how people adapt to changes. The painting gives me a lot to think about, especially when understanding why he painted this form of art? What state of mind was he when painting the Guernica? How does it differ from other artists' work of art? First, " the meaning of an image is changed according to what one sees immediately beside it or what comes immediately after it" Berger 123. The Guernica represents the WIII events and how people reacted and what has...

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